Tidal contriva se vs Hansen The Prince V2

Greetings to all.
Should I change my current speakers.
Who among you had the chance to listen to?
You can post your impressions.

Thank you PS I apologize for my ugly English.
Would that be the Contriva Diacera SE or the Contriva SE? I think you mean the former.
It is the contrivas diacera.
Again, do you mean the Contriva Diacera or the Contriva Diacera SE? There is some confusion here in that the Contriva product series actually comes in four versions (from least expensive to the most): (1) Contriva, (2) Contriva SE, (3) Contriva Diacera and (4) Contriva Diacera SE. Alternatively, the Tidal website actually presents two versions (Contriva and Contriva Diacera) with each version having the SE (crossover upgrade) option.

Ciro71, I think you mean the Contriva Diacera SE as opposed to the Contriva Diacera. I hope this isn't confusing to prospective Tidal owners. I think the website is very clear about this.
I have listened to both brands quite a bit! Both are great speakers but I strongly believe Tidals are more true to the source and accurate.

Enjoy Searching

I apologize for the confusion.
I mean contrivas (with tw diamond) I hope you both understand.
If you're referring to the Contriva Diacera, I think that is a pretty rare model (although I don't speak for Tidal). There are far more Contriva Diacera SE (at the expensive end) and base Contriva models. Again, only trying to eliminate confusion.
Sorry but the Linkster Italian distributor are two models
Contra contrivas diacera though.
I would buy the Tidal Contriva any time. The Hansen Prince is a very good speaker but even the normal Tidal Contriva belongs to a different (much higher) class...
I'm starting to get suspicious here regarding why everyday someone just has to refresh a Tidal thread and pump this brand up. And it's the same people who keep replying saying they are the best in the world and in a higher class than brand X. It almost sounds like the Tidal website in every post - "the best at everything." And it just so happens that every new thread is started by a user who has just joined Audiogon and asking a out these super expensive speakers.

Don't get me wrong I have no proof.
Enzo to be honest with you I understand you completely!

But I believe this is happening due to the fact that some people just discovered a wonderful product and like to share their experience just from....excitement! At least thats me and I belive most of the other guys! It is not the first time it happens, ive been here for years and I remember this hapenning with Kharma, Dartzeel, Evolution Acoustics, EMM LABS etc. etc. etc.! I am sure you can think a lot more brands as well!

But maybe I would get suspicious, thats why I say I dont blame you for thinking this!

Happy Listening,

Join Enzo I quite what you say, some of his person adds a layer to each thread on Tidal were the best.
I have listened to it myself, there are better and more Up
to price or are they sold her a happy Tidal there is the distributor who makes a lot of money on each pair sold the price so very expensive in US.
We just buy better and cheaper for anyone to make his choice Happy and enjoy the MUSIC for all
05-28-10: Enzo618
I'm starting to get suspicious"""

a week ago I started new thread named "tidal speakers- am I missing something" where i just very(and I mean VERY) polite started discusion about tidal speakers and my thoughts about them unfortunately this thread was banned imediatly. actuali it wasnt even some suspicion about quality or sound ,just some inocent thoughts.

very strange..
Sorry guys but I did not want to mess happen.
I do not have the tidal never even heard, you are not here to argue Vineto since.
maybe you can re-try posting and share your thoughts here.
Enzo618, I am one of those that have been posting about Tidal ever since I fell head over heels with their products in 2005. I first read about Tidal in a small cord manufacturer's blog, was curious, auditioned, the rest is history. Had I gone the usual path to inform myself (reviews), I would probably not even know the company today. Even in Germany - no, make that especially in Germany - utter silence in all magazines, some detractors in forums - but that is what German forums are all about, always. Following my "discovery", I want(ed) to inform, share my elation and perhaps enable a few people to make the same musical discovery. But that is just as much true for AMR's wonderful products, for instance.

There have been reviews since then, I think in particular of the bemourned John Potis on 6moons. However, they seem to remain systematically ignored in Germany. I myself have actually grown suspicious about why that may the case apart from advertizing budgets...

I believe it is necessary that we all remain wary. I also believe we must be able to share our enthusiasm about products, especially if they are not available on every street corner. I have seen many other examples thereof on Audiogon and I have all read them with interest even if, after listening myself, I don't have to agree with all of them. The important thing is to be informed where to look. Imho it's all about conveying not convincing.
I have heard yesterday for first time the Tidal Contriva with NBS omega extreme 1 and VAC electronic ...
beautifull loudspeaker
excellent and precise staging behind the loudspeakers but as soon as I began hearing classical music ...
different CD's of chamber music, piano solo or piano and violin: the violin seems played by a syntheziser, the colour is absolutely irrealistic
not so much better for the piano
bass and more body in the medium are missing, wrong colours in the medium
then I tried Mahler 6th (Zinman/Tonhalle) ... everything is confused, becomes hard in the FFF, the music seems compressed although this SACD is beautifully recorded

NBS extreme 1 are very neutral,
VAC tube should be good quality and give some more body ...

so I was really disapointed, Tidal a loudspeaker maybe for audiophile but surely not for classic musicians
Which would sum up to one of the worst speakers around. May I ask where you heard this catastrophe? Also, could you tell us what speaker you would consider realistic for orchestral music and piano?
clavil...your findings are the polar opposite of mine...i have contriva diacera-se speakers and use all argento cabling..smr i/c and speaker cables and flow master reference and flow pcs and classical music through the speakers is unpresedented to my ears and i have heard many of the best speakers....my guess is the problem is with the cabling or eslewhere but not the tidals...
I agree with Calloway that Argento will change your perspective, but if you really want to hear them at there fullest capabilities look at the Tripoint Troy/Spartan products. Many Tidal owners know this is the best combination possible to bring them to full potential.
it could of course be something else than the loudspeakers, but
-NBS omega extreme 1 are very neutral and fast and surely not giving some undesired coloration
-Vac pre & amp are used by Alon Wolf for the final development of his magicos, so they should also be very neutral
-the MSB Platinum DAC IV with Denon?

Avalon Indra (or Isis or Sentinel) are making a magnificient job on classical music either with solid state or tube, but they are not totally exempt of coloration, in effect there is an Avalon sound but which could be compared to the sound of a specific concert hall and not of some bad sintheziser ;-)

I found also Magico Mini II to make an excellent job, but of course missing some bass for a big symphonic piece
Well, no explanation in sight, then. It's interesting you mention Magico, speakers that I agree have their merits but I fail to grasp the hype around (especially something like Q5, now there's a speaker I would have to call a bad synthesizer from what I heard so far in a big bucks show environment).

On the other hand, I absolutely admire Avalon and not just for classical music. If I have to think of two others I like that seem voiced for classical, then Brodmann and Shahinian leap to my mind, where would those rank in your auditory world, then?

Anyway, a large part of the music I hear is actually piano (jazz as well as classical) and much of my decision in favour of the Contriva is actually based on exactly that kind of music. Call me stone-deaf if you want, but I still stick to that judgement. Again, though, I'd be interested to know where you heard that system? At your home, a dealer's, a show?

Something else I wanted to ask you in respect of your previous posting. Why would you say Contriva may be a speaker for audiophiles if it cannot render classical music at all?
Clavil's specific critical findings had me spending a good part of the weekend listening to strings (solo, small ensemble and massed):
Salvatore Accardo on Fonè/Signoricci vinyl (Paganini);
Stuttgarter Kammerorchester on Tacet vinyl (various composers, including the strange "Battalia à 10" by Biber: better make sure your system plays correct or this becomes downright unlistenable);
RSO Stuttgart on Hänssler cd (Haydn);
so that should clear any questions on artistic as well as recording quality.
Details of the gear used can be seen on my system page. I notified the neighbours that I would be pumping up the volume, way up now and then.

In short, I'm happy to say even when I deliberately tried to make my Contrivas sound hard or congested, let alone sound like a synthesizer on classical music, I couldn't manage to do so. (Make no mistake, they will pound and whine and screech when I play, say, Squarepusher working himself into a frenzy where they are meant to screech.)

Searching for cable influence, I tried two different looms. With Purist Venustas violins did sound "sweeter" than with Virtual Dynamics Revelation, and if I would mainly be listening to strings, Venustas would surely find their way back into the system. With piano Revelation has the edge in my system and is presently standard cabling between preamp, amp and speakers. I expressly also mention piano here since we actually chose the Contrivas i.a. because of the way they render piano, not in spite of it.

I guess to the OP this must appear confusing. Nevertheless, I must and can only describe what I hear and have had many occasions to confirm in comparison with a goodly number of other speakers over the last few years. To me, the Contrivas now in their 3rd generation remain class reference, no matter what you listen to, as references should.