Peak consult Princess V

Currently own a set of dynaudio 260s..experienced a pair of Peak Consult Princess V yesterday.
I certainly enjoyed them, and would like to get some feedback from the on the potential upgrade.

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Peter the Peak Consult's are very fine speakers, and at a $20k price range they should be better then the Dynaudios.

I used to work at SBS in NYC and Andy loved the speakers, most of the sales staff liked them but never found them to be worth the money, basically the Peaks  are very similar sounding to the less expensive Verifty loudspeakers which also use the Audio Technology drivers in a more ordinary MDF cabinet. 

The Audio Technology drivers are very good, but there are so many really fantastic new speakers on the market, like the latest Focal Sopras, the new Paradigm Personas, the Legacy speakers are wonderful as well, and all of these speakers are very high value to level of sound quality created.

So I would take a good listen to all of the current competitors at the same price range and see where your journey takes you.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ