Prince 1999

Yea, this is going back a few years. Proof that I'm not THAT obsessed over finding the songs ....
Anyway, I remember hearing back in 98 or 99 (of the last century) that Prince (or was he Symbolina then?) released several reworked versions of 1999 in celebration of the upcoming year, 1999. I've done some halfhearted research on the internet over the years and never come up with anything. Anyone know if they were ever released and if so, where they can be purchased?

Mild Prince fan in Minneapolis,
He played it live @ a party on New Year's Eve 1999.

Perhaps he recorded it then as well?

I only recall covers by other people (around the Millennium).

Used to run into him quite frequently, years ago, @ a book shop located across from Tower Records on Sunset strip in Hollywood, CA.