Primare CD31 with 1704 chip


I'm attempting to purchase a moderately priced redbook cd player. ($2-3k)

Especially after reading the Lessloss website's manifesto it seems as if the 1704 chip is a real winner. Ofcourse I understand that total design of a cd player is the most important aspect. However, I also "think" the dac chip is tantamount to the overall success of the design.

I recently tripped over the Primare CD31 and it has the 1704 chip. The specs seem to be ok.

Does anyone have experience with the CD31 or can someone enlighten me regarding how important the dac chip really is?


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I haven't heard the CD-31 but here is a very thorough review by Stereophile.
We use the Primare CD 31 with the Proac loudspeakers with wonderfully enjoyable results.
Thanks for the replies.

I'll continue searching.

I'm having a difficult time pulling the trigger. Maybe I should stay with cd's ripped to hard drive. It's sometimes easier to just play a cd though.


I too came very close to purchasing the cd31. Very nice unit. But I did go for a more expensive player. I did get the meridian G08 (twice the price). A little more musical in my opinion. The Primare was my second choices. The Esoteric SA-10 was my 3rd choice. I would let your 'ears' deciede what sounds best and not look at specs. Take your time.

Have you considered used? Meridian would be right in your price range along with the Esoteric.
Have you considered the Bryston BCD-1? IMHO it's the leader in the price range you specified.

I listened to the CD31 and thought it very good. Very listenable over the long term. Similar feelings about the Naim CD5x. But--admittedly in another system--I prefered the Cambridge 840c to both of those (more air), and then the Bryston to the Cambridge. Bryston=more robust, and a (cliche alert!) veil being lifted.

More than the differences between chips, I'm coming to the conclusion that the (certainly a) crucial element for CD players is how the analog output stages are handled, after all the decoding, and in this the Bryston is second to none.
Its supposed to be a really good chip as far as those things go.

Thanks. I looked into the Bryston BCD-1 on the Bryston website. Very nice. Also read a few positive reviews.

Coincidentally, I recently had a conversation with a tech as to the importance of the analog output. He feels it is a key factor. I'm a tyro so I'm not sure why.

I must say that I'm enjoying the hunt.

When is it easier to play a Cd?I found the opposite to be true lately since the changeover,cheers,Bob

I don't have a very large ripped library as of yet and keep some key discs near. Have you pretty much abandoned using a player? I feel I may be heading in that direction. What sort of dac are you using? Are you familiar with some of the different dac chips?


I have a small ripped library and key discs nearby.

Are you familiar with the different dac chips? Have you abandoned a cd player at this point? I may be heading in that direction.

Yes,I have a player that just sits there looking back at me though I will run some comparisions this winter when I'm bored.I dont know chips.I know I bought a Bel Canto DAC3 and a Mini mac and am in audio heaven once again.Best of luck,Bob
Last post didnt post here....I am mostly done with the player except for comparisions.I dont know chips.I am using a stock Bel Canto DAC3 and a Mini mac and am very happy,good luck to you also,Bob