Primaluna EVO 100 Tube DAC has anyone heard it??

As part of the new EVO series Primaluna has come out w/an all tube DAC. Cost is $2999 and it weighs around 29 lbs. It also has a tube based clock. Never heard of that type of clock. Can someone explain what that is. The DAC itself is based on a Burr-Brown chip set.
I'd also be curious on people's thoughts on what you might gain from an all-tube DAC that you wouldn't necessarily get by running a digital DAC through an all-tube preamp.  
I find one of the selling points strange. Primaluna claims their DAC weigh's 29 lbs. compared to most DAC's that weigh less than 10 lbs. IMHO I don't think you can correlate quality w/weight in a DAC. My RME ADI-2 DAC weighs in about 2-3 lbs. Does that mean it sucks??
Unboxed mine about two hours ago, and straight out of the box, it is M U C H better than the Lampizator Amber 2 it is replacing which is no slouch!

Very musical, with a wide soundstage! Deep tight bass, instruments and vocals are really precise!!! Really looking forward to the next couple hundred hours of break in.

I'm very happy!!!! 
Congrats!Looking forward to your thoughts as it breaks in:)
I would also like to hear your thoughts as it breaks in.
Did you pay retail? 
Bought it new from Upscale Audio. The introductory price is on their website.  I actually would have paid another 2k without hesitation based on the sound so far.