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New DAC or New Streamer or New Streamer/DAC
Depends on your budget of course, but at a similar price point to the Terminator, I can highly recommend Primaluna’s brand new EVO 100 DAC.I took the plunge, and straight out of the box, it is a H U G E improvement over a modded Lampizator Amber 2... 
Primaluna EVO 100 Tube DAC has anyone heard it??
Bought it new from Upscale Audio. The introductory price is on their website.  I actually would have paid another 2k without hesitation based on the sound so far.  
Primaluna EVO 100 Tube DAC has anyone heard it??
Unboxed mine about two hours ago, and straight out of the box, it is M U C H better than the Lampizator Amber 2 it is replacing which is no slouch! Very musical, with a wide soundstage! Deep tight bass, instruments and vocals are really precise!!!... 
Bookshelf Recommendations
Ascend Acoustics Sierra 2 
Not Enjoying My Turntable
I jumped on the u-turn bandwagon when they first launched. Liked their story, made in the USA and all. The table not so much. You can find much much better at the same or slightly higher price point. Don't give up, but don't chase a fix that you w... 
Higher Efficiency Speakers
Owning a pair of Salk Song 3 BeAT's that are driven by a Primaluna Dialogue HP integrated,  in a similar sized room, I can attest they sound marvelous and are plenty efficient.However, pstores specifically was looking at horns below 10k being driv... 
Higher Efficiency Speakers
You might want to take a look at these. They check off all of your boxes, and have received many great reviews.Spatial Audio X2 
Manley Chinook or Any comparable Preamp?
Herron VTPH2A 
Recommendation for DAC needed.
I recently replaced a yggdrasil with a Lampizator Amber II. Very close to the aqua you like in sound yet in your price range.  Upgrade to tube rectification and add super clocks, and you just might find it will perform well above it's price point.... 
Notable very small loudspeaker companies (other than Tekton!)
Ascend Acoustics 
Belles Greatest Integrated ever! The Virtuoso
Why the apparent rub Johnny  to my user name and choice of moving in a different direction away from Belles Aria and Ascends. Blasting sand been used by many as a drier alternative to common play sand and compares well to Lovan's Black Gold at a m... 
Belles Greatest Integrated ever! The Virtuoso
I actually have the Belles Aria Integrated paired with Ascend Acoustics Sierra 2's sitting on Ascend stands filled with black blasting sand.I have been very satisfied with the sound, but am moving in a different direction on both my amp and speake...