PrimaLuna EVO 100 DAC

I read several members have one. Would like to find out what do you think about it now that you have had it for awhile?

Thank you

wow, not even 1 personal experience with the PL DAC. 
geeshh the unit has been avalible for at least 2 yrs now.

About the clock tube, might be easiest to get the answer by calling Kevin Deal @ Upscale Audio, Prima Luna is his baby
About not being any personal experience! Do you think it is because of all the tubes ? A Dac is something many people probably just want to setup and forget, but with tubes you will have to turn it of after use, and tubes after hitting their peak will start to deteriorate, so some people not use to tubes will just worry too much about things like this ? Maybe tube dac’s are more of a specially product !
i have not heard this dac, nor will i pursue hearing it, based on what i have read from the commercial reviews

seems to me it is a poor value for the performance -- furthermore, that is just whole lot of metal, glass, and just plain ol' stuff to do decent sounding D/A conversion... so many others have gotten as good or superior results with so much less it seems

not knocking primaluna as a brand, i actually have and really like their power amp... maybe this dac was made to sell to folks who want a full matching primaluna kit from source on through

i doubt they have sold many of these, maybe i am wrong