Primaluna Integrated with a seperate preamp

I have a Primaluna Dialogue Premium Integrated amp . I wanted to know if anyone has used a separate preamp through the H/T input which has a unity gain circuit .
What affect would the unity gain circuit have on the preamp signal ?

Thank You .
Doesn't anyone have any experience with this ?
No one buys a integrated to use with a pre amp?? You buy separate amp/pre amp if you want to use different pre amps. The Primaluna is awesome by itself, what speakers do you use?
Hi mattmiller ;
I agree , the Primaluna stuff is quite nice .
Actually some do use a preamp on their integrated . They usually start out with the integrated . Then , to improve the sound , add a preamp . Most integrateds have a dubious
gain stage at best and rarely an all out pre circuit such as a stand alone unit would have . It's usually worth the effort and cheaper then starting over .

I use Reference 3a Di Capo i's .

Happy Tunes .
This is from your owners manual:

"Stereo Home Theater Pass Thru
The PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium Integrated Amplifier is equipped with a home theater pass thru that
allows you to enjoy your stereo source material and the 2 main channels of your separate home
theater processor.
This is a true pass-thru circuit. Most integrated amps that advertise having home theater pass thru
circuits are only “unity gain” circuits. This means the volume is set at a pre-determined level, but the
preamp section is still active and can introduce unwanted noise and coloration to the sound. The home
theater pass thru of the DiaLogue Premium Integrated Amplifier completely removes the preamp
section from the signal path. This is a “direct-line” circuit that results in a lower noise floor, and less

So it sounds to me like you can plug another preamp into your Home Theater Bypass inputs.

I would have the preamp and Primaluna turned off when you hooked them up and the volume on both preamps set to zero. Turn them on and slowly increase the volume on your separate preamp.

If you want to hear from someone who knows for sure, call Upscale Audio or another Primaluna dealer.
Ok I guess you can use it with another preamp. I love those Di Cappo's BTW.
Ok , thank you Tomcy6 .
I missed the part about the description of the circuit being completely bypassed .
Very helpful response .
Happy Tunes .
I've done this with a CJ PV10A plugged into the HT inputs on a Prologue Premium... the CJ was a better pre section before I started swapping out Solens for VCaps in the pre section of the Prima Luna. So have at it if you have a better pre to try and don't mind loss of the remote control.
Excellent , thank you David256 .

As Tomcy6 suggested , I did contact Upscale Audio and asked them about the 'unity gain' circuit situation . I will post their reply here , but first a word . I am doing this for future reference to anyone also wishing to know , and reads this thread in their search for an answer .
Please , to all who have contributed here , I do not wish you to have any bad feelings or remorse . So please don't feel slighted or think that I am ungrateful for your helpful contributions .
With that said here is their answer...

"The HT input does not remove the integrated’s gainstage from the signal path. It sets to unity gain and defeats the potentiometer, but the gainstage is still in the signal path. The only real reason to use an external preamp is if it is a home theater processor/receiver and you want to integrate your two-channel and multi-channel systems.
Using just a standard two channel preamp won’t give you any meaningful performance gains, unless you are looking to use a significantly better preamp than the one built into the integrated. At that budget, honestly that would be a step sideways at best. At worst, it really would only serve to add another piece of gear where noise or ground loops can be introduced."

The budget that I used was $1,000 for a used preamp .

Again many thanks to all of you that contributed to this thread .

Happy Tunes
Interesting Saki70, since the PL site/manual itself says that it does not only NOT use unity gain, but states it is inferior. Now, the response above that was quoted from Upscale states it DOES use unit gain. 
thanks, Gary
Yes . I used a Prologue Premium pre-amp into a Prologue Premium integrated while saving for Prologue Premium mono-blocks. 
Ive had my HP Integrated about 4-5 months how.
On my speakers, Dali Helicon 400 v1, 88dB, 4 Ohm, the Ultralinear and especially the Triode sound thin, dry, poor soundstage- mostly just left and right, not L/R/Ctr, front, rear soundstage. 

So this was my question: Is this due to the preAmp 12AU7 tubes?
Or the stock PL EL34s?

So I hooked up my Eastern Electric BBA/Booster Buffer Amp (a tubed preAmp with a Volume knob and Gain knob only) as a PreAmp into the HT bypass of the HP Integrated. Now, we are in business.

Like night and day. Suddenly I have texture, nuance, power, soundstage galore. Exactly what I am looking for. 

So I will contact Kevin @ Upscale Audio to ask him about this situation, and I may need to replace some of the stock PL 12AU7s. Or perhaps there is a defect? 

Any suggestions?