PrimaLuna EVO 100 DAC

I read several members have one. Would like to find out what do you think about it now that you have had it for awhile?

Thank you

I'd like to hear feedback from people who have compared the PL against the Lampizator Amber3 ($2,750).  I haven't heard the Amber3 but if it's even slightly close to the Atlantic I can't believe the PL can touch it. 
I have not heard the PL, but since the other commenters brought up some alternative options.... I just wanted to say that both myself and a reviewer compared the Lampizator Amber 3 and Audio Mirror Tubadour 3 SE.  We both preferred the AM.  That same reviewer (@teajay) also preferred the AM to an upgraded MHDT Orchid, as did another user on the site here (@kray).  

I would love to hear more about the PL dac too, but there doesn't seem to be a ton of chatter out there.  Hopefully some folks pitch in.
 @cal3713 Interesting...I'm not familiar with Audio Mirror.  Sounds worth digging into a bit.  I've heard Lampizator's higher end DACs and was curious whether their upper tier technology was trickling down to their most entry level products.  
I took a look at the manual for the PL DAC, which has a more complete set of specifications than the website page provides. The one thing that struck me is that it has a rather high output impedance of 2.7K.

Apparently its outputs are transformer coupled, so the impedance probably doesn’t rise much above that value at any audible frequency (as it probably would if the outputs were capacitor coupled). But still, before purchasing it for use with a preamp or integrated amp having a low input impedance, e.g. less than 20K or so, I would check with PL about the advisability of doing that.

-- Al

@cal3713 it's worth pointing out that others, on this forum and elsewhere, have liked the Amber 3 more than the AM Tubadour 3 SE. Seems dependent on ones tastes and system synergy. (I do have an Amber 3 with the new USB module on the way so hoping that I have a positive experience before the trial period ends).
@nquery Totally true regarding system synergy, there's often no "best" out there.  No substitute to hearing components in your own system. Fortunately it's possible to get free demos of both the Amber and AM T3se (and many other dacs)...
@three_easy_payments I think a common review report for the Amber 3 is it's "dynamic energy", so if you've got a dark or sleepy system it could be a great fit. Smooth and holographic seem to be the most common terms reported for the audio mirror (se).
@cal3713   Thanks for the additional info.  Honestly if I were going to make a change in my DAC it would be moving further up the ladder at this point to avoid a lateral move (currently using an Auralic Vega G1) - eg Atlantic 2 TRP.  Perhaps a pursuit for 2021.
I have a problem with PrimaLuna and this Dac. In the way it doesn’t say how to change the small inside tube. They say it will last 5, 10 years, so how will the costumers change it ? As it is hardwired ?
I think they need to explain.
I am okey changing the other tubes which are said to last 5/10 years, but nowhere do they directly say how long (hours) the clock tube lasts !
I for one would like to know, as this is a very interesting dac design.
wow, not even 1 personal experience with the PL DAC. 
geeshh the unit has been avalible for at least 2 yrs now.

About the clock tube, might be easiest to get the answer by calling Kevin Deal @ Upscale Audio, Prima Luna is his baby
About not being any personal experience! Do you think it is because of all the tubes ? A Dac is something many people probably just want to setup and forget, but with tubes you will have to turn it of after use, and tubes after hitting their peak will start to deteriorate, so some people not use to tubes will just worry too much about things like this ? Maybe tube dac’s are more of a specially product !
i have not heard this dac, nor will i pursue hearing it, based on what i have read from the commercial reviews

seems to me it is a poor value for the performance -- furthermore, that is just whole lot of metal, glass, and just plain ol' stuff to do decent sounding D/A conversion... so many others have gotten as good or superior results with so much less it seems

not knocking primaluna as a brand, i actually have and really like their power amp... maybe this dac was made to sell to folks who want a full matching primaluna kit from source on through

i doubt they have sold many of these, maybe i am wrong
I have one and have been testing it against the PS audio stream DAC which is almost twice as expensive.  I’m very happy with the sound.  There is definitely a warmth, brightness and detail that makes it much more pleasing to listen to than the PS Stream (which is cold and clinical by comparison).  I hear more detail with the Prima Luna as well.  It is a big improvement over the DACs I had before (built ins from my Marantz SACD player and Node is).  The Prima Luna is very quiet background, beautiful detailed mods highs and bass.  Sound stage not as wide as the Stream but so far no comparison as to which I enjoy listening to (the Prima Luna).  One thing that surprised me is a red book Beatles mono CD - it’s always sounded dry and sterile through other DACs but sounds beautiful detailed and warm on the Prima Luna.
I Java a PL Evo100 Dax and am quite happy with it. After having a few solid state Dax’s of which neither did much for me, closed in soundstage, dry dynamically, nothing to make me want to play digital at all. I would rather play CD’s or vinyl as nothing I had tried in the digital platform made me want to listen for very long at all.
   Well after seeing a positive review in the Absolute Sound on the Evo 100, I found a used one cheap in perfect condition and hardly used at all. I believe that is one of the issues with this dac is break in time and warmup before playing. It was rather bland when I first put it in my system which I use with an Audible Illusions Modulus preamp. Well ill tell you what, after about 50-100 hrs of break in, the sound suddenly bloomed in every direction, wide soundstage, deep with well placed images and warm sounding which I like as opposed to clinical. Warmup time makes a difference to I have found with about a 45 minute wait before it shines in my system.
   Using a Krell KSA150 amp, the AI Modulus preamp and either Martin Logan CLS or Quad 63 speakers with subwoofer to fill in the bottom end. Anyway, I’m very happy with the Evo 100 and plan on keeping it for many years.
I have had one for almost a year and agree with esky1979 and k600r.I can't really add much except to say that
I enjoy listening to my music through this DAC very much.
While I don't have the PL 100 DAC, I do have the PL Prologue 8 CD player running into a Lampizator Amber 3 DAC via the S/PDIF connection and can say that this is the best I've ever heard digital sound! Lush, 3D spooky soundstage with bass to bust balls. I got the Amber 3 with volume control so this allows a direct connection to my amp. Let me put it this way, I have not played vinyl much since I got the Amber 3...