PrimaLuna dialogue 2 or Caryaudio SLI80 4ML Summit

I am contemplating either the Prima Luna Dialogue 2 or the Cary audio slp 80 integrated amp to drive my pair of martin logan summit. Has anyone done a A-B or any impression or opinion on the merits of either integrated amp to share with me. Would be grateful for your thoughts.
imo either amp isn't going to have enough brass to drive your ML's to max potential. i've owned SL-3's paired w/classe ca 200 & pass x250 which were nice & currently own sli-80 w/tube friendly spkrs.
the summits has active speakers - was advised that the tube would therefore drive the panels... and was told that either amp should therefore be adequate... am also wondering if sonically, the dialogue may be more refine than the cary or not
While I haven't heard the summit with either of those amps I have heard it with Jadis tube gear and it sounded great. So I don't think you will needs lots of power. ML summit are really nice speakers I would love to own a pair.
Electrostats traditionally have low impedance and therefore need a lot of power. I'm not familiar with this model though. Caveat emptor. Symptoms of under-power may not be low volume, but rather, thin nasal sound and loose bass.
I have ML Summits and drive them with Rogue M-150 recently upgraded to M-180. They seem to be more than adequate to drive Summits. I have not heard Prima Luna or Cary.
Hello Johchew38 -

So, I have auditioned The cary SLP-80 in my system (Spendor S6e speakers, Arcam CD36 player) and it was excellent. Problem was it was a bit too lush for me - not enough bass/oomph playing rock for me to pull the trigger and buy. Noting my spendors are lacking in bass as well.
I have not heard the dialogue series but I recently heard the prologue 2 running with Quad22L, Rega Saturn CD player at a dealer and I thought it sounded a bit edgy. Voices, midrange, and bass were fine for a lower powered amp, but not on the cymbals, snare drum or any high frequency.

Maybe it was the room/area, or maybe the speakers, maybe the speakers were too tough a load...don't know.
many thanks for the various response. I have ruled out the prima luna dialogue now after an audition. I AB this against a manley integrated and found the manley to virtually outperform by a mile. So I am now considering the manley integrated and the cary SLI 80. I do not think that bass is much of an issue as the summit has active bass woofers.