Best Amp Martin Logan Summit

What is the best amp for Martin Logan Summit? I am going to use the speakers for both 2 channel music listening as well as home theater. I have been considering the following multichannel amps but am open to other suggestions. I have limited stores in my area to listen to different options.
> Plinius
> Classe
> Theata
> Halro
Those are some finicky speakers. You are really going to have to audition to get the best fit. I had a listen to these at a friends house with $9k and $10k amps (and less expensive units) & they are difficult to get right.
Electrostats love tubes (or was it the other way around?) And since these speakers (finally!) have their own ss bass amps, you are free to drive the panels by themselves with a quality tube amp. This is the way it always should have been. I don't know what took Martin Logan so long!

So IMO you should forget ss, and if you can afford Summits, then go for a pair of Class A Triode monoblocks like the Lamm or similar. Anything that puts out around 90 Watts (or more if you can find/afford it) should be fine.
I jave heard it with VAC Phi Beta. Fantastic. Of course, what is nice for me, maybe a coloured and distorted sound for you.
Have you considered a YBA? In your price range you have too many options to count. Demo, demo, demo. The Passion 600 should be a very go match.

Good luck!
I have Summits, I have tried Krell 300c, DartZeel 108, Mark Levinson 432, Sonic Frontiers Power 3's. Settled with the most musical amp I have ever heard which is my Mcintosh MC2000 with NOS 12AX7's. This combo with the active bass is AWESOME. And I have to say I am a very critical.

I would stay with tubes. Those panels are two good for soild state. Even the best soild state. With good tubes I don't think better music can be made. Just my 2 cents.
Take a look at the Blue Circle 204 and 206 with the BC preamp. The preamp has an HT pass-through. I have the 206 and love it. Outstanding for 2 channel.

I have also tried the Summits with the Halo JC-1's with good result for HT set up.
I would definitely think about demoing the new Sim audio w-8 amp since it sounds neither like tubes or solid state.If you love superb dynamics along with huge soundstaging, as well as extemely neutral tonal balance.Beware that this amp will show any sonic warts that may loom upstream, as well as cable issues. My friend has a w-5 LE that is with SL3 speakers and achieves some mighty impressive sound in all of the mentioned areas.Resolution is something that the Sim excels at, and is truly world class.Good hunting Dennis
I'm currently running my Summits with the NuForce Reference 9.02's with incredible results. While I haven't heard the amps listed, I have had some similar priced/reputable brands that didn't come close to the NuForce's. Don't let the "low" price of these put you off - with a 30 day trial period, you might find (like me) that you'll end up having funds left over for other hardware and software...