Which Mono-amplifier & preamp for ML Summits

I understand the Martin Logan Summits require equipment capable of handling impedance magnitude drops below 4 ohms at 4kHz, 2 ohms at 10kHz, and approximately 0.5 ohms around 17kHz. What equipment should I consider.
Most well designed SS amps like Krell, Mark Lev, Rowland, Parasound, Bryston, etc. can handle the low impedance presented by electrostats, however, the combo of SS and stats can (depending on the amp selected) be a little bright, edgy, or harsh. I actually use a SS w/ my CLS's, but I used to use tube monoblocks when I had the room.

With the Summit, because the external amp you choose doesn't have to handle any low bass, I would suggest a tube amp (or monoblocks if you prefer) of around 200W/ch.
The two brands that I know can handle the low impedance are ARC and McIntosh, but I'm sure there are many others, and I think tubes would provide a nice complement to the panels.

I think it would also be a good idea (whichever amp you choose) to take advantage of the biwire capability of the Summit so that bass information has its own path to the built-in woofer amp(s).

The choice of preamp should be at least somewhat a function of the choice of power amp. And although I would still recommend tube power amp(s), if you do go SS then you should seriously consider a tube preamp.