amp/preamps for matin logan summits

i have just purchased a pair of martin logan summits and am looking for an integrated or a pre and amp combination
that will have good synergy with these speakers.i am new to this hobby and any advise from knowladgeable members will be greately budget is around $5000 but can be stretched a little.any cable advice will also be very welcome.thanking all in advance.
Hi Charu,
I have had logans since the Sequel.I have run the route from all tube to all ss to a mix of both.If you get a chance try a DK-Design Signature.It has to me and also my friends that have heard it mate with my prodigy's better than any of the big name electronics i have had over the years.Good luck in your search.Regards,Bob
Audition a YBA integrated amp if you get the chance. You may even be able to get away with one of the less expensive lower powered models since the Summits use amplified woofers.

Parasound is a good affordable way to go as well.

Good luck!
I am using H2o Signature Monoblocks, which were designed to effectively drive the Apogee Scintillas... a monster of a speaker to drive.

If you are serious about a great amp that is within your price range, give Henry a call. I think he is still offering a couple of weeks in home audition/trial.

Good luck on your search.