Pricing a Linn CD player that's not in the Bluebook

Hi, Audiogon n00b here. First post.

I inherited a Linn Classik CD player that I'm thinking about selling, which led me here to Audiogon.

It's a first-generation Classik, with an integrated amp but no tuner, manufactured in May 1999. It works fine, and has a few blemishes on the front.

When I look in this site's Bluebook and on other sites, it's difficult to find or evaluate comps. The first-gen Classik doesn't seem to be sold very often, some Classik listings don't specify which generation it is, there are multiple models under the Classik name, and I'm a novice.

As a result, I'm not sure how to price the item. I'm grateful for any advice. Thank you.