Preamp with bypass/throughput

Hi all,
I've been browsing the classifieds for a couple weeks now looking for a good stereo/dual monaural preamp (~$1000 budget) with a bypass feature. I haven't had any luck keeping my eye out... are there any suggestions on what I should be after?
Hi . Don't know alot about dual monoaural set ups but I do have a reasonably priced Nak CA-5 for sale. Designed by Nelson Pass. It is an older piece and I'm sure there's alot of opinion on it .
But just trying to put it out there.
The Emotiva XSP-1 balanced differential preamp has gotten some favorable reviews. And it has HT bypass + a 5-year warranty:

There should be lots of options with either an HT bypass or Tape monitor capability. But these features may not be mentioned in the ads.
You might look for a used Cambridge Audio 840E either here or on eBay. Should be less than $1000, great sound, highly versatile, and a pass-through.
Have you heard of Musical Fidelity A5cr preamp with phone stage and home theater bypass with Dual mono design. Matched great with CJ MV60SE (tube) and 2 different Rotel SS amps (1080 200w and 2 bridged 980 amps 125w stereo and 300+w as bridged/mono amps). I decided to go integrated (MF M6I) and upgraded to next level. New was $3000 and used 1100-1300. Had for $1100 but ad expired.