Preamp Upgrage for Nakamichi STASIS Threshold ?


I have a Nakamichi PA-7 STASIS amp 200watts (made by Threshold for Nak) with a Nakamichi CA-5 preamp. I'm using Phase PC-500s floor standing speakers.

I'm thinking of upgrading my preamp and wondering what would work well with the PA-7 STASIS amp (w/o costing too much). I'm not interested in puying a tube preamp that has to warm up for 1hr before using it and wondering about buying something that has XLR capability in case I buy a CD player that has XLR outputs.

I'm also wondering about RCA interconnects for between my amp and preamp for a good price; my Interlink Reference A (monster) sound better than other interconnects I've tried including Esoteric Audio TECHNUS and Kimber -- seems like a fat gage wire between the two is neccessary.

Thank you in advance! Love this web site!
Your Nakamichi amp was made by Nakamichi; not Threshold.
Threshold had pattened the Stasis technology in there amps late 70's. And Nakamichi paid a royalty to Threshold use this technology
What's your price range, your sound preferences, and what are you trying to improve by replacing your pre-amp. By the way, although Platt6 doesn't mention this, I would note that this Amp doesn't particularily sound like a Threshold either.
I have a Nakamichi PA-7 with a Nakamichi CA-7 preamp. I'm using Kef reference series 104/2. I´m very very happy
Well I would very warmly recommend the Moscode Minuet preamp. It's very inexpensive, it can be upgraded by Moscode's G. Kaye and is a perfect fit. Although it tubed, it takes about 30 seconds to sound like a $1500 solid-state preamp, and 15 minutes ro sound like a $3000 tubed preamp. I think that it would be a winning combination for you, as it is for me.