Threshold T upgrade to Stasis

Was wondering if anyone has had Threshold "upgrade" their T-200 or T-400 to the Stasis 7.0 or Stasis 8.0 respectively. If so would be interested in the contrast between the T version versus the Stasis, ie what was the most notable difference as you listened to your favorite recordings. Any and all comments are much appreciated.

I owned 2 T200's over the years. Both were excellent and about as good for the money as you could expect all around.
I talked to the Threshold guy's at the show, and I mentioned my thoughts about possibly upgrading mine. They hinted that "yes, it's hard to justify the upgrade, as the T200 already sounds very good as it is!". What I gathered, and pressume, is a small upgrade probably sonically. If it was 5-10% at the outside in improvment, I don't think paying so much more was worth the money. I think I paid $1500 for mine at the time used. Don't think spending thousands to upgrade made any sense!
I have yet to talk to anyone who did the upgrade personally.
Shucks!...for the price of the upgrade you could buy 3 used T200's, or 2 Pass X150's, or one Pass X350 used!!! I don't see the value in what's likely to be such a small sonic advantage for the money out-layed.
My understanding is that the upgrade costs $1,850. Even at that I am inclined to agree with your thought process with buying of going after additional T-200 instead of springing for an upgrade. The current T-200 sounds phenomanal going through the Aerial 10-T's so my bias would be that it would take a quantum leap if I inserted another T-200 and Bi-Amped.