threshold stasis 2 information needed

Threshold stasis 2 technical specifications needed, information like (power output, current output max and rms, slew rate, headroom),also I need any commentary from somebody who has heard this power amp. Thank you in advance.
I still own a Threshold Stasis 2, stemming from the time, before Threshold was taken over by some Japanese conglomerate. If I remember correctly, the young Nelson Pass was the designer and owner of Threshold then. Unfortunatedly I don't have the literature anymore, so you'll have to wait for more knowledgeable posts. I think its 100 watts into 8 ohms. It is built not like a tank, but like a battleship. I once dropped it from literarly 10ft up, dented all the heat sinks on one side of course, but the thing kept on playing, as if nothing had happened. Even though its now than 20 years old, I still use it, when one of my amps malfunctions, and the sound is as pristine, as it was on its first day. I think at that time it cost me $1300 brandnew.

It has a very good bass rendition. Bass is relatively tight and well controlled. If I remember correctly, I fist used it on Maggie bass panels for a long time, where it performed flawlessly. The mids (on Quads) are dynamically OK, there is a tad of colouration on the bright side, but it is very slight and the Quads are merciless transducers. The highs don't go up to where the Bats hear, but otherwise seem OK. I find this amp quite amazing, because even afer practically a quarter century it manages quite well to hold its own against the more modern competition in a high resolution system which is both digital and vinyl. Hope, though little precise I'm afraid, this is of some use to you.
Check out for Jon Soderberg's website. Jon is a former Threshold technician who now modifies Threshold equipment. He's seen some good feedback on this site.

I own four channels of Threshold amplification (a pair of SA-1 monoblocks and an S/500 stereo amp) and love them with my Apogee Stages. Wouldn't have it any other way.