Looking for spindle poulie forLe talec stasis 1

Hello! everybody,
I am desprately looking for any information that can help me find any Le Tallec distributor or technician either in the US or in France? My problem is that I lost spindle supporting the glass plate of the Le Tallec Stasis 1 which make the turntable unusable. I will appreciate any help taking me to that full recuperation of the turntable.

You can contact me by e-mail at smark951@yahoo.com or by phone if there is no e-mail on 514-827-8648.

Thank you in advance for you help.
Regards. Simon Marcelin
Does anyone knows a contact that can lead to a former distributor or maker or technician of Le Tallec Stasis 1? I am looking for the drive pulley for that turntable.
Thanks in advance. Contact me at smark951@yahoo.com or 514-827-8648.

Regards. Simon Marcelin