Pre- / Amp for Eggleston ROSA

I've just traded in a pair of ROSA but somehow my current pre-/amp (Ayre K3 Mk II and V3) don't seem to to warm up to this new member. I'm wondering if this 87db baby needs some more 'juicy' amp type of drive.
Yes they like powerful amps.
I have a friend who runs a Krell KSA-250 into a pair of Andra 2's with a Levinson front end and they sound very musical, none of the usual attributes associated with Krell sound. In fact, when a Krell amp is partnered with the "right speaker", great music happens. I'm sure there are a few other amps that would work as well also.
so how about those Crown and Hafer kind of rack mount industrial stuff? I think they may still be cheaper than the vintage Krell or Threshold type of pure class A stuff ..
They're a fairly stable 8ohm load, so they actually don't need gobs of power. I've run my Rosas with tubes and SS; currently, they're making beautiful music with Cary 805 monos (not exactly a Krell).

The Rosas are very tansparent, so your issues may involve something beyond your amp/pre (ie, source, cabling, etc.)

I have a small section of the room ( a 3-wall enclosure about 10' wide x 9' deep with the back of the listening position open to the larger living room) for my 'hobby' and there's no way I can install the ROSA's according to the factory suggestion of minimal 8' apart. I can do 6'-7.5'. As for the front wall (the one facing the listening position) EW suggested 18-24" whcih is a lot less them many otehr speakers I've used, how's your placement perhaps for my reference? Thanks so far for the assurance, I'm goung cuckoo after 4 days of continuous repositioning.
I bought some Andra's a few months ago and have them paired with a Hovland HP100 preamp and Krell FPB600. The Egglestons do seem to need that big power and like RX8man said, the Krell sounds fantastic here. I was an avid tube lover and took a leap of faith when purchasing the Krell. I couldn't be happier. In this same system, I had the opportunity to try my Music reference RM200 and Tenor 75's. Both tube amps sounded great but did not have the power to drive the Andras even close to unity gain. The Tenors were also too loose in the bass. It just goes to show you how important system synergy is. What sounds world class in one system may sound average in another. Just FYI, my source components are Sim Audio Moon Eclipse (with PSX power supply) and a VPI Scout TT with JMW9 arm and Transfiguration Spirit mk3 cartridge. Cabling- Transparent reference with XL ic's, Harmonix SLC speaker cable, Shunyata Python PC on CDP, Elrod EPS2 on pre and electraglide fatman on the Krell.
Based on my tastes, I might suggest a Krell FPB series amp or even a VTL 250 or Manley 250 tube amp. Anyways, good luck with your quest- hope you find what you are listening for!
Looks like I need some auditioning with the FPB series..

Thanks for all your inputs. Really appreciate it!
I drive my Rosa's with a Pass Labs Aleph P preamp and a pair of 100W Pass Aleph 2 monos. Plenty of power and great sound in my 16 X 20 room.