JM Lab Nova Be or Eggleston andra 3 ? anyone?

Hi i am in the market for JM Lab Nova Be or Eggleston andra 3
I can get them both for around the same price ,but I will never get the chance comparing them... ( one is in Greece the other in UK..Here we do not have a eggleston dealer,but I ve read many reviews for both ,so if somebody had a chance to listen to them both I will highly appreciate his opinion.
My system :
ps audio PWD mk2 + transport
pass x350.5 amp direcly to the PWD
cardas golden ref interconnects.
thinking about a future upgrade to halcro dm88 or pass xa160.5 amps
thx in advance
For this price tag I can get a dynaudio C4 signature or wilson sasha (although I get one sasha for home audiotion and maybe this is not my sound )
any thoughts?
These are all great speakers its going to be a matter of personal taste. I personally don't care as much for the focal speaker though others love that presentation. The dynaudio and eggleston have a similar sound I far prefer the look of the dynaudio and resale is probably better with that brand. I really like the Wilson sound and look and that is personally what I would go for but if you've heard it and its not your thing then its prob not the right one for you. Whatever your choice I'm sure you will be happy.
So many nice speakers in or around that price range.
YG Acoustics Kipod
Rockport Avior
Magico S5
Marten Bird 2
Vandersteen Carbon 5
and many many more.
I had Eggleston Andra II's (upgraded from I's). a very forgiving speaker IMHO.
The JM Lab speaker is made to an even higher build quality, but it "may" have more issues in getting the optimum set-up. also, you are comparing the esotar tweeter from dynaudio, a silk dome with uncommonly good reviews, with the beryllium tweeter in the Nova, which is super-high-tech. my "guess" is that the Nova is the better deal, while the Andra sounds utterly natural on piano, strings, and you can place it in a number of locations in a wide variety of rooms. i did hear a JM lab mezzo-utopia years ago and was very impressed, but the Nova-BE is a different speaker altogether, one i never got to hear personally. one other factor might be the BASS extension- the Egg's go below 20Hz with ease. some early reviews of JM Lab speakers mention less-than-adequate VERY-LOW bass extension. If you listen to pipe organ music a great deal this is another factor to consider.
thanks to all of you - I am still not shure what direction so I will appreciate opinions from people ,which have the chance comparing this speakers
At this level, I think it's worthwhile to look at Focal Utopia Scala. IME, Focal and Pass are quite a good match. I currently have Electra 1028 Be with Pass XA30.5/XP-10 combo and very pleased with the system. I have owned Paradigm Studios/Sigs, Focal 1008 Be, Dynaudio C1 Signatures in the past two years.
Where are you located?
in EU - Romania
anyone heard them both?
thx in advance
Heard most of your mentioned speakers and plenty more and the Eggleston Andra 3 have yet to be beaten to my ears. Astonishing in the right system.
Heard most of your mentioned speakers and plenty more and the JM Lab Nova Be have yet to be beaten to my ears. Astonishing in the right system.

Hate to be the Bogeyman here, but if every member of Audiogon chirps in with their opinion, you will be no closer to knowing which of the above speakers will float YOUR boat. Sorry!
I much prefer the beryllium tweeter to the esotar tweeter. Regarding deep bass, if you have the right amplification, the Novas will go very deep indeed.
Hifi76 -

I would not exchange those Pass Lab amps for Halcro!

Otherwise, both JM Labs and Eggleston are outstanding speakers, it will be the one that sounds the best to your ears.
I have not heard the Andra 3, but can write that Eggleston and Pass work very
well together. I used to own the Eggleston Rosa and Pass XA100.5. Eggleston
used to show with Pass amps. Egglestons need a lot of good clean power to
sound their best and to control the lower frequencies, IMO.
Haven't heard the Andra 3 either but have owned the 2's for a while...have only used them with Mcintosh 501's and very satisfied. I never realized their full potential until I found the right speaker cables. I found the Purist Proteus Provectus really kicked up the performance to a degree I could not believe!