Pre Amp for $400 ??

Can I buy a good sounding pre-amp for $400?  I have Maggies driven by a Sunfire amp.

Yes It's McCormack Micro Line Drive. Hunt on ebay to find it.
Also earlier Classe preamps such as CP-60 or CP-30 can be beneficial with XLR outputs.
I'd make sure I service Classe preamps with new caps before using.

You will have a tough time finding a CP-60 for $400, even without phono. A CP-30 will be closer to the ballpark. Both of them are nice smooth transparent preamps.

Be careful not to have any caps changed prematurely. I have much older gear that was not ready for cap freshening, they checked out fine. As long as quality parts were used. Its a good idea to have a check-up from time to time. But be careful choosing a tech. Classe was never one cut to corners in my opinion. 

The McCormacks are great values.Possibly a Sumo or NAD. Carver preamps can be purchased in your price range. I have never owned one and cannot comment on performance. Chances are one might have nice synergy with the Sunfire.

Here ya go !
Bryston 0.5 B is another preamp I will vouch for.

Coincidentally upon looking there happens to be a SUMO that is available
Thanks - I should add that:

1. I don’t need a phono stage,

2. But I do want a remote - and one that can switch sources, not just change the volume

A true audiophile product with remote @ $400 is pretty tough... The Sumo & McCormack are both nice sounding pieces.... the Low end Classe models actually do have remotes available and $400 does happened on occasion for a CP 35 or lower, you may find a B&K with Remote.  At $600 to $800 you'll start finding more options with remote.... other than that, they'll be unproven,  but there are a few decent looking Chinese pieces on Fleabay.
Did you have a SF Line-1? Did you get things figured out on that and are you looking for a $400 preamp to replace that or for another system? 
Yes it needs to be repaired, I am wondering if maybe I should buy something else for the cost of the repairs and the hassle of shipping across the continent and over the border.
Look for a old tube tech; there's plenty of them around. Might not be that hard to fix. No $400 preamp is going to come close to what you're used to. I preferred my former ModWright SWL 9.0 SE over the SF Line 1 and if you wait around you can find one for around $900. 
SF Line 1 can be repaired. It's not sophisticated amp and Chris at partsconnexion is very cooperative with others techies.
Keep that in mind.