Polyphonic Spree Props

Big props to Tim DeLaughter and Bach Norwood of The Polyphonic Spree for playing a concert tonight at the Granada Theater with the local public Woodrow Wilson High School Band in Dallas to raise money to purchase instruments and private lessons for kids that can't afford them. The band played Polyphonic Spree music with DeLaughter singing and Bach Norwood playing the keyboard along with about 70 high school band kids. It was a very good show. (Full disclosure: my kid was the electric bass player.) DeLaughter had some microphone issues early on but he plowed through with a smile on his face and an impressive attitude. Years ago DeLaughter attended the elementary and middle schools that feed this high school. He told a story about hearing an Emerson Lake and Palmer album while at Lakewood Elementary School. The school's music teacher simply spun the record and everyone listened to it. That was what they did in class that day. DeLaughter said that was when he knew he wanted to pursue music. Unfortunately, the arts in public schools seem to get budgetary cuts every year. A shame. I heard my first classical music pieces in a rural public school music program through "Music Memory." Scored high enough to get a free trip to hear the big city symphony. I've been hooked on music every since.     
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