Pre amp assist

Have a very old AR LS-8 loved it but long it tooth.

What does this group feel would be good replacement under 3K (new or used price). I want tubes as I feel it softens my channel island class D amps. I use a ps audio Digital link iii with full cullen mods

I'm thinking a jolida fusion with mods or a mod wright

Thoughts appreciated.
If you liked ARC and thought it made for tube softness then you will think that the Jolida is tubular mush. ARC tube products are as close to SS sounding of any I have heard. A commonly well liked tube pre that isn't too soft are the Aesthetix models. You might find a used lesser expensive model that might match you expectations. There are lots and lots of others that I hope for your sake get recommended.
I disagree with Mechans' comment regarding ARC sounding like solid state. If you want to improve on your LS-8 and you like the Audio Research sound step up to one of the Reference preamps.
Check out the deHavilland UltraVerve. Lots of blogs on this website.
Send your current ARC preamp to Audio Research for a checkup. Keep it.
If you enjoy it but are worried it may be going out, get it checked over. i am certain it will still please you.
I own an ARC SP-15 myself i keep around because i enjoy it.
Just because a preamp is old does not make it obsolete.