Bass Assist

I like bass - especially, when it has punch - at the appropriate times. :-) I have a tube amp, two-way monitors and a sub. With too much time on my hands, I designed a simple unit for the sub. I built a 3 walled panel - where two of the outside walls are hinged - for varying the angle of the opening. I placed it behind the sub in order to reflect the sound waves toward my listening chair. Voila! With tweaking, it worked. Might this concept would work for the main speakers as well - in acoustically challenged rooms?
I can't comment on your bass assist skills, but I do want to give you a big loud "Kudos!" for actually knowing how to spell the French word "voila". Just couldn't take reading another instance of someone spelling it "walla".
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What material did you use?
In fact 'voilà' requires an accent :-). I am a French speaking Canadian from the province of Quebec.