Power Handling - what's "unclipped programme"

50W – 120W into 8Ω on unclipped programme.

What exactly does unclipped programme mean?
It's music being driven thru the amp at a level BELOW its clipping level, that is, within its power capability.

The only way I know of to determine what that is is to view the output waveform on an oscilloscope, not very practible.

The speakers are British?

The Beatles were the original unclipped programme. ZZ Top is a later example. Willy Nelson too.

Sinead O'Connor is a clipped programme.
With all speakers I can think of you don't really have to look at the power handling figure. The speaker you have described will work fine attached to a 200 watt power amp. What destroys speakers is clipping. This is when the power amp runs out of power and produces a square wave (aka- distortion). You will then be pulling out burnt voice-coils and exploded crossovers.

What causes clipping is when the amplifier runs out of power. This means that you are more likely to destroy your speaker with a 15 watt amplifier that has been pushed beyond its limits than with a 200 watt amplifier.

Things that will destroy your speakers:
-Distorted music (the recording and/or source) played at high volume levels
-System noise such as turning on power amp prior to preamp
-Children and cats

The efficency of your speakers and their impedance will help you determine the minimum amplifier requirements.

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