Speaker and amplifier power handling

I've recently bought a musical fidelity a3 integrated amp rated at 85wpc which I am connecting to a pair of b&w dm 601 bookshelf speakers that are rated at 25W - 100W. The amplifier's manual recommends a power handling of at least 150W. Is the amp actually overpowering my speakers,If so can I damage my speakers in any way? Would a lower power handling (below 150w) actually affect the sound quality?
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You'll do just fine with that setup. I think you'll enjoy it. Don't take the manual too seriously. From the amplifier maker or the speaker maker. I wouldn't be afraid to power the 601's with the KW500 from musical fidelity. It would be overkill. But, my point is, there are only very rare circumstances where you can have too much power for any speaker.
I would second what S7horton said so well and add congratulations! on your new MF acquisition.

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