UPS FEDEx damage claims handling database?

going through a UPS nightmare, and had an idea. what do you guys think (Audiogon too) to have members send over info regarding damages caused by UPS/Fedex, what happened, what was damaged, original packaging?, claims handling, time it took to pay out or deny claims, etc etc...seems something could be done where we could access other members dealings and use them as evidence if it comes down to taking UPS/Fedex to small claims court.
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I haven't had any problems, but it sounds like a great idea.
Count me in. I have had losses by both UPS and FedEx.
Forget "Small Claims". If we get enough people with legitimate losses, let's go "Class Action".
My only mishap was a UPS package that never arrived at its destination. Since it was lost or stolen when in their hands they paid the insurance claim pretty quickly.
Just: I like your idea. Once precedent is established then it will become harder for them to weasel out of these claims. I just wonder how we can implement this? Audiogon may not want to become officially involved, but then again they just might? An Excel spreadsheet might handle this data nicely, but it may not be searchable (as in Dbase) sheesh we need a programmer!
Would you volunteer to enter & maintain this data as the reports comes in? Much like the blacklist that I have been logging on the ripoffs & scammers. Other members have asked for this info so I've shared it upon request. You could do for us a similar service.
I had one claim with UPS which they paid on. I came out ok on that deal. Ever since I've practiced the art of "packaging to withstand UPS". So far so good. You should see my triple box delight. It's to die for :^)