Usher speaker's power handling

I was looking at the web site, and noticed the speaker's power handling seemed rather low for full-sized beast. 100-150 watts.

Any comments/thoughts/ideas/doughnuts?

I guess my question comes down to: "am I missing something here?"

Though they claim the power handling to be in the 100 to 150 range I have found them to be more efficient than what the #s read.At 45 watts the 8871s are so loud it is pretty much ear splitting.Do not be concerned on their #s as I do not believe they are really accurate.You will notice their PDF file is still not available,and that will really show more clearly the status.
dont worry about max power handling. ever.

99% of listening is done w/in the first few watts. i think usher is 87db/w/m. that means at ear splitting level (say, 100db), its @ 20w.

---this is why you buy amplifiers that have class A bias through the first 10wpc.

I had a pair of 8871's that I was driving with a 600wpc solid state amp. I like to listen loud as often as I can, lol, and the speakers held up with aplomb. One of the finest speakers made IMHO.
Tremendous dbSPL output with minimal amount of watts. The 8871's are probably yielding 114-116 dbspl with 80-100 watts. Your ears will go first. Super-clean sound with superlative dynamics!