Power cords for Coincident Frankenstein and AMR DP-777

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I am thinking of venturing down the world of power cords. Does anyone have actual experience with PCs for Coincident Frankenstein (or the AMR DAC) that are in my price range (<100$). I know the best would be Coincident PCs but I don’t want to spend that much with experimenting with PCs just yet. Also at this moment returns, using the cable company, and try and resell are not an option.


I appreciate that  we all have our individual budget limits, I'd offer this advice. Wait and save more money and buy high quality cords on the used market. Your Frankensteins are high resolution and transparent amplifiers.  You'll easily hear the benefits of the higher  quality power cords. A 100 dollar power cord could be a relatively good value choice but may not extract all the performance your amplifier has to give. 
What charles1dad said, with extreme prejudice. Save up and get the best you can and try not to go any smaller than 10 gauge. 

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In principle I agree with you guys. Sadly expensive power cords will have to wait their turn. 

The current queue for my system is:

Preamp (Duh! looking for used Shindo)
better 300b tubes (right now I have Shuguang black treasure)

I got excited about power cords and jumped the gun after reading this post: https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/changed-the-power-cord-to-signalcable-magic-power-cord-on-my-...

This guy got an improvement with 69$ PCs which bettered his speaker upgrade!!!

Hello Essrand,
The Black Treasure 300b is a very worthy tube (I used them happily for two and a half years ). To better them you'll have to spend more money. For what you'd pay for better 300b tubes that money would get you two good used power cords and a good AC wall outlet  (they make a difference ). Definitely various reasonable routes to consider. In my opinion addressing the AC power (power cable, outlet and upgraded fuses ) is fundamental and money well allocated towards towards improving an audio system.  Choices 😊
Hey Essrand, what I like about these forums is that you can learn from those who have gone before you. I wish I would have listened to such advice years ago. Considering the similar paths you and  charles1dad have and what he had to go through to get where he is, I"d bet dollars to donuts that with his advice, you'd benefit.

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Thanks for your kind comments.  You're right I'm advising based strictly on personal experiences. Without question 300b tube choice influences sound quality  (I've heard 11 different 300bs in my amplifier ,numerous generous loans). I just believe that people often underappreciate the value of good quality AC  power. 
Charles1dad and Essrand;
Although I do not own the Coincident Frankenstein, at this point in my auditioning of the Graphene Extreme High Current power cord I can highly recommend it to you. 


I bought my Frankensteins a little over a year ago and used Pangea AC-9 power cords for awhile. They work well. I have not compared them to other cables costing under $100. However, they are comparable to my more expensive JPS AC+ power cables. The difference is subtle, with the Pangea perhaps being just slightly darker and less transparent sounding, and the JPS cables perhaps offering a little more clarity in the bass notes and more high end sparkle. It is hard to tell. There is a 1.5 meter pair of the AC-9's on eBay right now for $79.99 each. The Signal cables seem like a very good deal, and they would have been something I would have tried if I knew about them.

I have had a Synergistic Research graphene power cable for 6 weeks now, and just ordered a pair for the Franks. The improvement when I put the graphene cord in my dac, and later my preamp, is noticeable in a good way, and worth the relatively modest investment (compared to the price of other high end cords). I will post my impressions of how they work with the Franks in the SR power cord thread. The graphene cables from Cerious are reasonably priced, IMO, and worth consideration. The ones from SR are not that much more in price, plus with SR you get a free premium fuse with the purchase.

Hi Thaluza,
Thanks for your insightful comments on the SR  Graphene and Cerious Audio  Graphene power cords. These two new products are very interesting as well as reasonably priced. It makes me wonder how they'd compare to the Coincident Statement power cables. 
 Hi Lak, 
I left a comment to you on the Cerious Graphene thread. 
Do you have the Synergistic Research graphene Red or Black power cord? Thanks for your post, very interesting. I'm sure you will enjoy the  Synergistic Research graphene power cords on your Frankensteins.

Thank you. I have the Black cord, 10 gauge.