Power Cables for Tubed Integrated + CDP Combo???

My previous Transparent powerlink Plus power cord was so heavy and stiff that, over time,the torque damaged the IEC outlet on my Jolida 302 integrated. Please suggest more flexible, lighter power cords to use in system (source: Jolida CDP; speakers: Silverline 17.5 monitors). I tried Audioart Power 1 with furutech; they were definitely more musical than the Transparent, overall, but the mids were lacking in control: instruments lacked focus and separ-ation. I was advised that the next step up in the Audiart line would likely solve the problem but simply can't afford it; my budget is $450 for two cords (used is OK). I listen primarily to accoustic Jazz, Celtic and Newgrass, with some 60's/70's rock.
Audience used is in your budget . They are flexible and yield a well balanced sound spectrum in my system. That said if I were trying new cords now I would be tempted by some of the more budget minded, not so fancy ones, like Cullen cable.
Truth be told, I think you would be better off spending the money upgrading your gear. I had a Jolida CD player and found it was easily bettered by several others. I have seen some really good players being offered at a price that you could pay by selling the Jolida adding that with your cable budget. Good luck.
I have a number of P/C's around including Shunyata Venom. The cord I like the best on my tube amp is a MAC HC. Not real costly but it sounds the best. Just my .02.

The AudioArt cables, although proving to be not the best match for my system, did provide quite an improvement, which led me to believe that I'm actually not yet extracting the best possible sound from my existing components. This motivates me to keep experimenting with cables rather than replace components. I will follow your suggestion and check out Audience. Thanks !

I will look into the MAC. Thanks!