I am looking for a cd player primarily for Redbook and am in the $6000.00 approximate price range. A friend of mine recommends the BLue Note Stibbert Improved Tubed CD Player. Has anybody heard this player and any thought on your opinions including other similarly priced units that
either meet or surpass its sound qualities?
O.K., I'll throw in my $.02. I just auditioned the Stibbert MkII tube version and it's little brother, the Koala in my home today. The Koala is competetive at it's $2,200 asking price. A good "bang for the buck" player, but it's big brother, the Stibbert is absolutely phenomenal. The upgraded power supplies in this version really put this in a league of it's own. Other than H.P.s very positive one page review on (basically an early prototype) Stibbert, there really isn't a lot of info about this player. Be that as it may IMO, it should be on anyone's shortlist for digital in it's price range, and well beyond.
Hi there,
I think mine broke in this weekend. Two words GIANT KILLER!
I can't remember digital ever sounding this good anywhere. It has an uncanny ability to bring you into the performance unlike anything other than the best and I mean best analog. Put some weight on the top to stabilize the player especially if you're using heavy pc or ic's as they have a tendency to pull down on the springs. I think this could be the player to beat in the sub 10k range. Good luck.
It truly is a wonderfull player and if you want to take it to another level try the Sound Fusion isolation kit.
I ordered it and figured it would probably help on bass but three of us audionuts could not believe how it improved everything else.Also get rid of the stock tubes and try some seimens or amperex.
The Bluenote Stibbert sounds very good. I had in my system for a couple of months while my Esoteric player was modified. The Bluenote could well be the player of choice depending on system synergy. Very smooth and togther sounding.
I have a question here: is there a specific type of music the Bluenote excels on?
For example, would it play Duke Ellington's rhythmic music as well as blues, or is it mostly a classical player?
I listen to Jazz,Jazz fusion,Patricia barber,Diana Krall,medium rock etc and find it works on all these types of music.Regards,Bob
I heard the older Stibbert and was dissapointing to me, also the Koala recently. Don't know the latest Stibbert.
I heard a recent Stibbert against a new Lector 7Ti and the Lector was the more musical IMO. The Stibbert was good just more sterile sounding and had no warmth or pace to it. Each to their own.
I just cant see the Stibbert (improved tube version anyway)sounding "sterile." It may have been associated equipment, etc. but on my dealer's mega buck system and most importantly, my much more humble one it was the antithesis of sterile. Dynamic, emotional and powerful were my impressions. The most natural and analogue-like sounding player I've personally ever heard to date. The epitome of PRAT. Anyone looking for a redbook player in it's price range would be doing themselves a disservice by not trying to audition it, IMHO.