Power Cables

I currently use a Power Oval cable on my Krell amp and did notice a drop in the noise floor compared to the power cable that came with it. I finally spent the money and purchased a new Wadia 302 CD player and was wondering what advice you out there could give me on a power cable for it? I heard of the "Blue Marble Audio" but did a search and was unable to come up with any results. I am open to all suggestions.
I had great results with Audience powerChord on digital components. I've tried several cables, but Audience always won. As a matter of fact, I like these cords on digital and analog components. I have all Audience power cords in my system - on CDP, preamp and amp. Excellent power cord, especially for the money. Good thing about it is if you don't like it, you can sell it. They go quick.
Audiophile 1,
Thanks for your imput on the power cables, I wanted to ask you what you think of the new Richard Gray's High Tension Wire? Also I have been looking at the Black Sand Silver Reference cable for around $275.
David, unfortuantely I am not familiar with the mentioned cables. Stick with a cable that you can easily sell if you don't like it.
Pure Note Paragon is great for Krell and inexpensive. Also TG SILVR (used).
I currently use the Power Oval on my Rotel RMB-1075 Multi-channel for HT I have yet to buy a power cord for the Krell KAV 400xi integrated that I just purchased. Do you also have any suggestions as for a good cord for the Wadia 302 cd player? The other member reccommended Audience cables for the Wadia 302.
I posted on your other thread about my success with both the VH Audio Flavor 4 and Black Sand Silver Reference on my Wadia but failed to mention that both of these are offered with an extended evaluation period which is a great way to check things out. Another path is via the Cable Company (www.fatwyre.com).

There are a whole lot of power cords out there but the only way you're going to know what works for you is get them them into your system for awhile. I have tried a few cords that got excellent feedback here and elsewhere but that just didn't work well for me (to my ears in my system).