Need good Component Video Cables

Just bought a Sony DVP-S9000ES player and a 55" Mitsubishi Diamond series HD-ready TV. I bought some monster cable just so I could hook it up out of the store, then I upgraded to a run of Transparent. The picture now has a slight overshadow (ghosting?) to it. I've tried rearranging cables and power cords, but to no avail. I know it is the component cable, because when I use the Monster cable the image has no shadow. $60 Monster cable bested $300 Transparent, go figure. Can someone recommend a good, shielded, component video cable--a 3 meter run--that is priced between $500 and $1000? Thanks.
You can put yourself into a whole lot of component video cable for that kind of money. I have recently been looking into this, though I cannot spend quite that much.

Tributaries are well known for their component video cable. Look at their SCVC set; 3m is around $400--I think (my local guy has a demo 3m. set for $350). I am not sure, but I think they may have a higher-up-the-food-chain set than the SCVC. Go to their website and check it out. I do know they have a dealer locater there.

Audioquest also has several models of component. Their top of the line set/3m. approaches $1000, and looks like it will send a hell of signal.

Both are sold and can be viewed at, who have other models as well. You might also try, they might have a high end set that could satisfy. But their regular doesn't sound like they will cut it for you. Finally, you can always try old faithful, Canare. These are pretty good and supposedly smunch monster's top of the line. There are plenty of dealers that sell these. I also saw a guy on ebay selling them (2 different lines, good and really good), but both are cheaper than either mentioned above, however.
Hope that helps, Happy viewing.
You might want to contact Transparent and make sure you do not have a faulty cable. Might save you some $$. If you bought it local I would return it. Good luck.
I have the same DVD player, connected to a Faroudja DVP2200 to an NEC 7" CRT projector. There are two that I can recommend. One is the Audioquest YIQ-4. I'm using it with this transport. I upgraded from BetterCables. It is surprising how close the better cables was. You won't be able to spend $500 on BetterCables, but for the money they can't be beat. I probably wasted a few bucks on the Audioquest--it is better--but the price is on the high side.
I'm using the transparent cable it's great! What is likly happening is someone removed part of the connector to peek on the inside. There is a warning in the box that says this messes up the grounding sceme. That will cause your ghost image. (umm..I know from personal experience).

The transparent cable is one of the best out there...I'd get it fixed
Before you throw a lot of money at a solution, I suggest you contact for a price quote. I bought a 1 meter set of component video cables from BetterCables, and am VERY impressed with the build quality and performance. The fellow who owns BetterCables hand-builds all cables to order, and his cables have gotten very good writeups by various reviewers. He also builds custom cables for professional use in TV and video studios. Take a look at the Web site for more info:
About a year ago HT Mag did a reveiw on Comp. Cables. AQ was rated #1 but very expensive, Monsters close #2, and third was Tributries and by far the cheapest. I bought 30 ft. of AQ Video 2 cable that was on sale(a guy wired his house with it and it was left over) and had connectors put on it at the Store, nice stuff. And I got away cheap.
Hi there! Hate to tell you guys this but I would not pay top dollars for video cables as most of the mega-bucks video cables don't translate into better performance. I would look into the Monster Video 3, Monster Silver Video and the Kimber illuminations DV-30 Data Video Flex by Illuminati. I am using the DV-30 and Monster Video 3 at home. Most of the time, the more expensive hi-end audio interconnects do sound better. But most of the video cables that I have tried does not give me a richer or clearer picture. Try them and see how it goes.
The only High End Component I did see a big difference in was the Transparent Premium Component.
Do not know if this will help-----I have a Denon DVD and a Sony HDTv ready big screen. Had them wired with a s-video cable but since they both were component video available I decided to try that as the picture was supposed to be so much better. First used Canare cable and had a ghosting problem. Thinking it was the Canare I bought a component cable from Zucable but still had the ghosting. I called Adam at Zu and he said it was not the cable but the tv set. A compatability thing as they had had that problem before. Went to a good s-video cable ---- no ghosting and a great picture.
Sorry to tell you but you don't need to spend lots of money on cables to get good video performance. I own and operate a video editing and media duplication company that not only has several runs of component video connections in our video editing rooms; but also have hundreds of video connections in our duplication operations. We make our own video cables using Canare video cable and connectors; as well as some Belden video cable and Kings connectors. For about $350.00 you can get a complete set of Canare Tools to cut, strip, and crimp your own video cables - as well as enough connectors and cable to last you for many years. You can buy Canare Tools, cable, and connectors from most commercial electronics companies. Also, I should mention that Canare is one of the few comapnies that makes a first rate RCA video connector that can be crimped (rather than soldered - which is the point where most consumer video cables fail). Good luck!
I have a set of Virtual Dynamics Reference Component Cables and they were a big improvement over Monster cables that I started out with.

Actually one of the better "secrets" in component cables are by of all people "Outlaw". They are one of only 3 companies I know of that use a solid silver core {not silver plated} design. Out of the three companies , they are the most price friendly.
Re read your post, and Im not sure If the Outlaws are shielded or not, but IMO it does not matter. Whatever brand you go with, take great care to make sure none of your powercords {like from a cable box or the TV itself for that matter} are touching and of your video related cables. Much cleaner picture quality in my experience.
A good and low cost option is RG-6U cable. No need to spend big money on video cables.