Speaker cables to go with Pass Labs XA160

Hi, I was wondering if anyone can make a speaker cable recommendation to go with the Pass Labs XA160. Becuase of the slight warmth and laid back nature of the Pass I want to get cables that are neutral, fast, and dynamic. My speakers are Usher BE-10. Any suggestions? Oh yeah, I dont want to spend mega bucks either so please keep recommendations below $1500.

Thank you....
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Audience AU24 or a used pair of Purist Venustas (better but hard to find.)

I was surprised by your remark that the Pass XA is warm and laid back. It is supposedly very smooth compared to most SS amps -- but it is pure Class A, so I'd expect it to be very accurate; revealing and articulate without being hard or glarey.

I tried to look at the rest of your system, but I guess it's all changed.
TBooe - I would have to say Purist as well, BUT - the Aqueous Anniversary speaker cables fit this system perfectly and are a much better sonic match than the Venustas. The Au24's are going to be too wamr and soft in the lower frequencies, which is NOT a good characteristic with Pass amps. Go with the Purist Aqueous - you'll be very, very happy with the results and they fit your budget!
Go with the Purist Aqueous - you'll be very, very happy with the results and they fit your budget!
According to Tbooe's System Page, he is already using these cables. Which leads me to my question: why change?
I played with the Purist Aqueous Anniv (AA) spkr cable and found them to be way too non-linear vs. the Purist Opus spkr cables. The AA spkr cables had a very prominent and wide peak in the mids that quickly became too fatiguing for me. A return to the Opus and tonal coherency was back. This was with CAT JL-3 amps driving SoundLab A1 speakers. The rest of the system at that time was Dominus PCs throughout and all Dominus ICs with the exception of an AA XLR cable from an Aesthetix Io to Callisto.

If you are looking to compensate for the slight warmth of the Pass amps, my suspicion is that the AA spkr cable is the wrong direction.
Thanks everyone for the response.

Boa2, yes my system has changed considerably. I will be updating that soon.

Nsgarch, the XA amps are smooth sounding but definitely on the warm side of neutral which is a bit different that their SS amps.

jafox, your comments are very interesting. Can you explain what you mean by non-linear? So the peaks in the mids give the AA too warm of a sound? You think the Opus is more neutral?
I agree w/ Jafox about the PAD AA. IMO, it's a step down from the Opus and Venustas (which are basically identical in my mind -- but don't tell Albert I said that ;--)

I haven't heard much of anything about the Purist Anniversary which is EVEN MORE than the Dominus! Has anybody bought them?
What do people think if Synergistic Research? I understand they are very neutral. I am looking at the Resolution Reference X2.
Neutral, fast and dynamic are the exact characteristics of the Virtual Dynamics line, especially Revelation. I have had both Au24's (excellent value, but comparitively weak at the bottom) and Venustas (a veiled, slower, "20th row" sort of sound) in my system at various times over the past year or so. The VD Revelations are just in a totally other league, in a positive way. Keeping in mind your $$ constraints, I would look for a used set of Virtual Dynamics Master series here on A'gon.

I am continually amazed by the amount of sheer MUSIC these cables provide, unlike anything else I have heard, at any price. Great dynamics, musicality, etc., etc.... And no, I have no connection with Virtual Dynamics; its just in the right system, they are THAT good, IMHO.

Hope this helps.
On the day you ordered the amps (10-12-06), you mentioned a 3-4 week lead time. One would assume they have not arrived yet so how can you assume the XA-160 are "laid back"?

I assure you they are anything but laid back.

Also, why even think of changing cables until you hear the amps with your speakers and existing cables?

Disclaimer: Pass retailer
thanks fplannar2000: I will defintiely look into the Virtual Dynamics

Audiofeil: I apologize..i did not mean "laid back" to be a bad thing. Perhaps that was an unfortunate use of words on my part. My apologies. Maybe adjctives such as "smooth", "refined" would be better. As for my ability to comment on their sound, I auditioned them extensively before buying, having heard them paired to Sonus Faber, JM Focal Labs, and Audio Physic. Of course I am not an expert like you Audiofeil since I am not a dealer.

Regarding changing cables...I am in a bit of a quandry since my current cables are terminated with banana plugs and the Pass only takes spades. I will most likely use the Cable Co. to audition a bunch of cables.

thanks again.
Fully understand. Here's an excellent example of how words (smooth, laid back, refined, etc.) can have different meanings to different people. I do not think "laid back" is a bad characteristic but at the same time I wouldn't attribute it to the XA series; however refined is very good IMO.

I believe your XA-160 will sound superb with the Ushers. I have been a tube guy since the late 50's (and still am) but the XA amps replaced a pair of SET's in my personal system.

Good luck with your cable hunt. I have my favorites with the XA series; send me a private email if you wish to discuss.