Power amp recommendation

I looking for a recommendation for a power amp, new or used in the $2000 range. Something that works well between a ARC SP 3A1 and a pair of Magnepan 1.7I. I look forward to your recommendations. Thanks in advance. 
Parasound always sounds nice.

      Many Magnepan owners consistently state that they need a lot of wattage to sound their best and I agree.  

     I don't have the newer 1.7i  but the older 2.7Qr.  About 4 yrs ago, I switched from using a 400watts/ch at 4 ohms class AB  stereo Aragon 4004MKII amp to using 1,200watt at 4 ohms class D mono-block D-Sonic M3-600-M amps. The midrange and treble performance was very good an similar on both but I noticed significantly improved bass response using the D-Sonic amps.
      I was surprised not only by the increased bass output but also by its high quality which was accurate, taut, detailed but also smooth and natural.  The bass wasn't as powerful as some cone speakers can produce but it was very high quality bass that very few cone speakers can match.  The reason is that class D amps in general have much higher damping factors than other amp types.  The higher the amp's damping factor, the more control it has on starting and stopping the bass transducer quickly, the woofer driver on cone speakers and the quasi-ribbon bass section on Magnepans.
     The D-Sonic M3a-600-M mono-blocks, their latest version, are $2,150/pair new and less used if you can find a pair for sale.  Here's a link:     


Power amp recommendation

I looking for a recommendation for a power amp, new or used in the $2000 range.
Magnepan 1.7i.

Your Maggie 1.7's are a easy load for a 4ohm rated amp up to 5khz then up from there they get more difficult to drive as you can see with the falling impedance and the increase in -phase angle.

For $2k used
150w-200w Parasound and Aragon mentioned are good choices, as would be some earlier Pass Labs and Threshold amps.

Cheers George 

George hit it on the head. Will add McCormack DNA1.0... always preferred it over the Aragon 4004. The 4004 was a really good amp for the money in its day too.