Poor Fritz

There’s no better value and no one as willing to make bespoke speakers out there than Fritz and these forums treat his speakers as if they cost $200K.
They don’t. They are remarkably affordable and yet potential customers put him through the absolute ringer, asking for custom features, going through 2 or 3 models of home auditions and maybe not even buying any of them.

Look, you buy what you want to buy, but I think not enough credit is given to the man or his speakers in terms of the overall value proposition and I think this is a disservice overall.  If you write a 5 page review, please keep this very much in mind that you are not reviewing Wilson or Focal's flagships.  Maybe he doesn't deserve quite the same scrutiny.


The goal of speaker design is PERFECTION. If you cannot or will not agree to that, you are in the wrong job. It is all about winning and trying to outdo the competition. There is a war going on and YOU yourself as a speaker engineer are a part of this whether you know it or not. Which faction do you belong to Duke? I have only one interest and that is to find perfection. 

I am not interested in how wonderful the KEF meta LS50s sound, or how wonderful the Audiokinesis Ginas sound. I wanna know how BAD THEY ARE! I wanna uncover all the dirty secrets that so many people are desperate to suppress. Show me why they are flawed and tell me how they can be improved! 
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criminal as in deplorable.I stand by that statement. If you are a regular reader of this site you will realize that there are no negative reviews or posts EVER. Perhaps they are all deleted just like many of my posts, that mysteriously disappear? If you look at any speaker companys website the same pattern emerges, No matter cheap the speaker is, you will never see anything negative being said about it.
It is deplorable that speaker companies can make any claim they like and produce no evidence whatsoever. I refuse to apologize for trying to reveal these nasty facts to the wider community of audiophiles.
Wow. Perfection will never be reached in any walk of life of any physical thing. So your argument is false Kenjit. People should be comparing speakers to each other because there is no perfection. Ok.... box uh rocks
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