Poor Fritz

There’s no better value and no one as willing to make bespoke speakers out there than Fritz and these forums treat his speakers as if they cost $200K.
They don’t. They are remarkably affordable and yet potential customers put him through the absolute ringer, asking for custom features, going through 2 or 3 models of home auditions and maybe not even buying any of them.

Look, you buy what you want to buy, but I think not enough credit is given to the man or his speakers in terms of the overall value proposition and I think this is a disservice overall.  If you write a 5 page review, please keep this very much in mind that you are not reviewing Wilson or Focal's flagships.  Maybe he doesn't deserve quite the same scrutiny.


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+100000 great post
Wow. Perfection will never be reached in any walk of life of any physical thing. So your argument is false Kenjit. People should be comparing speakers to each other because there is no perfection. Ok.... box uh rocks
EVEN B&W!!!!! No way man!!!!!!!! I dont buweeeve it!!!!! No Kenjo don't go away Puleeeessseeee. These forums need you ohh audiophile masta! 
You have never agreed with someone on a single thing. I feel you are a very difficult person to get along with on and off this forum. 
Its called capitalism bud. Even the smaller guys need to make a living. The parts to total cost ratio is pretty damn good. Why don't you buy that madisound kit, put it together once someone shows you how to use a tool and see if it's in the level of one of Fritz's designs. Pretty sure Fritz and a lot of these other guys are doing nothing more than making a descent living. Not gettin rich.. if they are more power to them. 
False. Incorrect as usual.
Amps make a huge difference.
DACs make a  definite audible difference.

Maybe not so much on your bose cubes. 
Uhhh. It might be a surprise to Fritz that he is dead.