Polk LSi 15's

Hi Audio Fans, still playing with speakers in my system. I heard a friends Polk LSi15's and was quite impressed in his system. As a blues music fan-how would these speakers rate? Current amp is Rotel 1070 and Cary 308 cd.
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Polk Audio LSi speakers are starting to grab alot of attention by gon'ers for some reason. I know its not by people listening to them at high end dealers cuz hi-end dealers don't ususally sell these speakers. There are alot of politics behind why these speakers haven't grabbed better dealers and distribution and you can search on other threads for a more detailed perspective.

For a couple years now I've searched hard to find another speaker just so I could rid myself of having the "Polk" badge off my speaker, but I simply cannot find a better speaker anywhere near its price range. And it really doesn't matter what kinda music you listen to, its a jack of all trades.
I found the LSi15 to be somewhat bass-lacking. Personally I liked the LSi25 better with the built in active sub. My earlier adventure into Polk brought me a pair of RT-20p that I truly loved but kept having amp problems (Built-in 2-8" powered subs/speaker). Moved on to B&W Nautilus 804. Many people like the laid-back sound of the LSi15.
Interesting. Laid back bothers me a bit as I listen to lots of blues and prefer a more aggressive midrange. The Quad 22L's I just sold actually did a great job but lacked a real bottom end > MY current Audes Blues have better bass but not as sweet a midrange. Guess that's why I'm still searching.

It sounds like you might be a good candidate for JM lab speakers. See if you can audition some.

The Kid, I'm not very well versed on JMLabs speakers. What model would be a fit in your opinion?
One thing Beernut, if you liked what you heard in your friends system you'll probably like it as much of better (if your using equal or better electronics) in your own system. As far as the speaker being laid back, yes it is. Although, it surrenders no loss of detail in comparison to any of its competition. It simply is the opposite of bright (see B&W speakers) and has more of a musical sound to it.
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Thanks Guys-well I did a total about face and am going to try some Maggies. I've had a curiosity about them and a pair was made available so I gave myself a little xmas gift. We'll see how this latest experiment plays out.
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I listened to these speakers the other day and they do sound really good and I'm amazed that people do not talk about them on these forums more. http://www.onhifi.com/product/polk_lsi15.htm
ive had a pair of lsi-15's for about a year now and would agree that there are better speakers out there just not any that i know of at there price. ive been very satisfied with them, and find that when ive upgraded other items in my system these speakers show off the upgrade nicely.proving ,i think there not getting the respect they deserve.