Help: Polk Rt i 35 Vs Older Paradigm Se MKii

I am getting my first pair of speakers. I have gotten it down to these two. They will be the same price. They are both 7/10 condition. I will be running them with a Talk Cyclone 1 60 watt torrent amp. The Polk is newer (2000) the Paradigm is from the early 90s what would you do?
This may or may not strike you as a concern, but what type of material (foam, rubber, cloth, etc.) are the speaker surrounds made of? Speakers from the early 90's are closing in on 15 years old and may be showing some signs of surrounds rot and may require re-foaming of the woofers.

As to what I would do, it would depend on how much budget was at my disposal.

Regards, Rich