Is polk Lsi15 too big for my 20x13x8 room?

I am considering Polk Lsi15 for my set up. I listen to mostly classical music at a easy listening level. I sit about 11 feet from the speakers. I am wondering if there is such a thing as speakers being too big for the size of the room. I understand the voulume control button, however the amp needs to push enough power for the music to really open up, doesn't it? I understand the best music for the push and pull amp comes out between 5-10w. As for the amp and cd player I am still considering several options. MFA3.2 or A3.5, Bryston B100, Krell 300i, classe cap-160, something around $1200 used. Can someone help? Michi
Your room is not too big for full range speakers played at reasonable levels. That is not to say that it can't potentially be over driven but that applies to most rooms.

I have full range speakers in a similar sized room and have no problem whatsoever not inherrent in the size of the room, which would apply to all speakers (nulls and nodes caused by room dimensions). But, proper set up is critical and your listening distance of 11 feet in that sized room suggests to me that you set up may no be optimum. If you haven't already done so you might greatly improve you sound by doing some research on set up.

Regarding amps and volume to get the music to open up, many dynamic (cone based) speakers sound best at medium to loud volumes. If you like lower volume levels you may want to investigate speakers which present a fuller sounds sound spectrum at lower levels. Remember, everything! has tradeoffs.
Thanks for the input. Can you name some speakers that sound balanced, full at the low level volume? I live in a small town and have no access to anything more than Best Buy and Circuit City.
I can only suggest those things I have listened to at length in my own home - you can check my systems and associated threads for where I've been sonically speaking. So FWIW, I'm presently using Tyler Linbrook Signature 1 full range 1 piece floor standing systems and I'm driving them to my satisfaction with a Primaluna Prologue 3 & 5 (35wt amp). At moderate volume, between 76db and 85 db the sound at the listening position is full, warm, and detailed without being in the least bright or etched. These sound much more full ranged at low volume than any of their predecessors (in my home) with the exception of the Quads, however proper placement, dynamics, and amplification issues keep me from recommending Quads.

The Tylers are capable of playing quite loud and the side benefit with this is, in my system at least, when played loud the highs don't drive you out of the room. I suspect this may have much to do with the tweeter used in this model. There have been a lot of comments on Tylers stuff in this forum and I can hardly recall a negative reaction to them.

For a pair of used Tyler's and if you want to save money a Primaluna Prologue 2 (3800 & 1450 respectively) you can have a great music system that will be hard to beat. And they will sound great in your room which is within 5 inches of the size of mine.

If this is in your budget range, do some more research for confirmation. Tylers can be bought on trial and if you don't like the Primaluna its a dead easy resale item.
I have an almost identical sized room as yours, and the LSi 15 are just magical and an absolute steal for the money.

Do yourself a favor and check this thread:

I saw a pair here on the Agon for a ridiculous amount of money, considering their performance. They seem to be still for sale - believe me, they are audio's best kept secret.

In my room at least, they are the best I heard this side of $ 4,000.00

good luck !
You are right. There is one still for sale on Audiogon. The thread you mentioned and the review done by Wes Phillips made me think this could be the one. What is your power amp's 4 ohm rating?

I do not understand why everybody says I need a powerful amp because according to my calculation 64wpc at 4ohm will give 103db of sound. Why does a much powerful amp make these sound better? I am just asking what the extra power reserve do for the sound?
Tyler Accoustics are beautiful. I do not think the full size Linbrook Sig is for me. They are too too heavy for me. I may still consider their monitor. They are so efficient. Bryston B60, Arcum A85 and YBA Integre are for sale on Audiogon. Do you have an opinion on ss amps? I have never even seen a tube amp in person. They seem high maintenance. Is there any tell tell sign in the speaker's and amp's spec. to indicate that they are good for low volume listening? I sould start a new thread "what makes a system sound good at low volume?" Is this a valid concern? I hope nobody comes back saying any system that sounds good at medium and loud.
Odnok, The speakers are the key to low volume listening. The amp should not be very important EXCEPT as to the tone it imparts to the speaker at low levels. I'm not a fan of SS amps, and contrary to common belief they are not maintanence free. Big tube amps can be a hassle and even small ones require a bit of routine maintence, but the ones I suggested are about as idiot proof and low maintenance as you can get. There are no spec's which would reveal a speakers ability to play at low levels.

As to starting a new thread, this has been discussed several times in the last few months. You may do a little research and see if you can pull up those threads. You can probably get some feed back from Tyler users regarding Tylers and SS stuff. I know I've seen several users say they preferred ss.

If I can help...........
Besides Tylers suggested above, also consider Salk Veraicty HT3 (or QW) and Zu Druids. All 3 companies have a dedicated following.
I have never heard of them, but I will check them out. Thank you.

Thank you Newbee, Audiokicks and Aktchi. I will do some more reading.
This forum is so full of information. Reading all these threads can be a full time job. I like to hear from someone who actually owns Polk Lsi15 and listens to classical music at moderate level. Anyone?
Odnok, Start a new thread - as it is only folks with experience with room set up are likely to note your present post and respond.
I have the Lsi15s in a room just about your size (19x12x8). They are not to big for the room, I love the sound. Right now I'm using a Rotel RA-1062 integrated to power them, the
Rotel does 95-100 into 4 ohms & these really sound great together. I really don't listen to alot of classical but I did last weekend, Living Stereo SACD Pictures at Exhibition & The Film Music of Gerry Goldsmith SACD. Sound was really great, nice smooth highs with great detail & nice deep bass, I listened at moderate levels, nothing loud. Loud was next with Buckethead! I use a Sony 222ES SACD/CD player. I've only had them about a month but so far I think they are great speakers.

With CDs I use a Behringer Ultracurve Pro DEQ 24/96 digital EQ. With this I can really dial in the sound I want, I couldn't live without it. CDs I used to think sounded bad I can now get to sound great.
I appreciate your response. now I know 90-100w will do just fine.

Newbee, if you can get this can you tell me if 35w tube will be able to drive 88db sensitiviy, 4 ohms nominal inpedence, and I think the spread is 3 ohms - 6 ohms.
Odnok, I assume you asking about the Tyler Linbrook Monitors.....

Based on your comments regarding sound level you would listen at I would think a tube amp of 35 wts such as the Primaluna would work well. But it won't 'rock out'.

A better person to ask is Ty - he will give you the best advise in this area. The secret is in the impedence curve and Ty knows exactly what that is. I don't.

FWIW, there are several other threads on 'low level listening' you should read which may give you more help in making your decision. I'm in the camp whech believes that low level listening pleasure is derived from speakers which have very high resolution, you can hear all of the detail in the recording without the need to have high volume. At least that has been my experience.