driving LSi15s

Is anyone using at least 200-250 wpc to drive your LSi15,s?.If so what are you using?.I am using a 150 wpc integrated,but am convinced I want at least 250.I like to listen at fairly high levels.I will appreciate response if you are using something in the upper 200 to 300 range,and whether you are happy with it. I have been considering bi-amping,going with separates,or just more power in another integrated.Thanks. p.s.,no I have not measured the spl during my listening.
The Parasound A21 is a phenominal combination with the LSi15.
I am alternating between a Classe CAP-151 (150 watts) and an Anthem MCA-20 (200 watts). My Polks are in a small room and I don't listen at high volume but the Classe sounds great with them.
Thanks Tony.I have read some on that model.I am also looking into the Parasound 2250.Have not been able to find any reviews on it yet.
Thanks Tim,I have not read up on Anthem,but will do so.
Denon pma 2000ivr is a great with these speakers!
The Parasound New Classic Series is nearly identical in sound quality, but lacks the super pretty chassis the Halo has. Being a Parasound dealer myself I would not hesitate recommending to anyone that is interested in saving a few dollars going with the New Classic Series....Comes with a ten year warranty, too! :-)
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Add a Dodd Audio entry level tube pre-amp with the Denon pma-2000ivr integrated amp and it will sound alot better! http://www.doddaudio.biz/products/elp.asp