Von Schweikert VR2 vs Polk Audio LSi15

Forgive me, I've probably made 10 posts in the last 2 months about what if's and such. For the most part this forum has been helpfull. I've really come to narrow down my speaker choices. As it stands right now my current setup is

Polk Audio LSi9
SimAudio Moon i-5080
Museatex DAC (full upgrades ala John Wright)
Museatex Transport (Was John Wright personal transport as of 6months ago

What I'm considering. A move to a fuller range speaker. I love the airy mids and openness of the Polk Audio LSi9's, I'm considering Polk Audio LSi15's to help in the bottom end. They're up against the VR2's, I have no local dealer but I'd be buying used and a few close sources have told me they offer a more lively presentation to rock music (which I listen to a great deal of).

Either speaker would be powered by the i-5080, with an upgrade to a Classe' CAP 151 or something of that ilk within 6months. My musical tastes include Radiohead, Massive Attack, Jet, Bjork, White Stripes, The Clash, Alice In Chains, Pulp, Nirvana...I hope I'm painting a clear picture.

What I'm afraid of most is harshness, something I hve none of with the LSi Vifa ring tweeter as of right now. What I'm looking for is a more resolved bottom end, deeper, wider. I'd like to hear and feel more of the kick drum when listening to rock by Jet, White Stripes, Alice In Chains, Nirvana. Without losing the openness in the mid range. So if I could I'd love to hear some thoughts.

Again, thanks...I know I've sure used up my time on this forum.

ps Ffonton I've tried emailing you, I'm dying for your thoughts.

If you like the sound of the speakers you have, why not just spend the money on a nice used REL sub? The LSi9's with a top quality sub would certainly be a better set up than just the LSi15's alone. As far as I know, the 15's are just a pair of 9's built on top of a side-firing, fairly useless, 8" sub.
Based on the type of music you've indicated that you listen to, I would think the Polk's are a good idea. I favor the Von Schweikert's, but I think they excel over the Polk in tonal accuracy, which isn't such a big deal if you don't listen to a lot of acoustic (read jazz, classical) material. The Polk's will win in dynamics and slam. Good speakers, the Polk's.

In the same price range, I've seen the Gallo's raved. Maybe you should consider them, as well. With the powered bass unit, they are supposedly truly full range.

Tfkaudio, I thank you for your thoughts. It's funny because I've heard exactly the opposite from many others who felt the LSi presentation was much smoother and detailed but gave up on dynamics to the VR2's, who project more of a lively soundstage.
the VR2s are fantastic speakers - i owned a pair for about two years. i listen to EXACTLY the same music that you do; i've probably listened to every CD you listed on my old pair of VR2s. i'm not really skilled with all of the audiophile techno-babble, but i can tell you that almost every day i kick myself in the pants for selling these speakers. in fact, the reason i saw your thread is because i've been looking at buying another pair!

the VR2s are easy to drive, and they let go of the music amazingly well. "electrostatic like ease" is the way i heard them described before. for $1400 used, you can't go wrong. you will not be disappointed - i guarantee it.
Hi Paul;

Sorry to take so long to answer. My bad I didn't get around answering your email. I've been in and out of the office for the last few weeks or so.

You already know I love my LSi15's and I think they are one of the biggest bargains in audio. These are speakers that a lot of audiophiles will foolishly sleep on because they bear the name Polk.

The VR2s are about $1000 more expensive than the Polks but I still feel the Polks compete up there. I believe it would be more of a matter of taste your choice between the two. The Polks are going to sound a touch laid back when compared to the VR2s which in contrast will sound up front. A lot of people tend to think the VR2s are better for Rock and the like but I listen to a lot of Rock and I preffer the LSi sound...but that's just me. One thing the VR2s are is quite a bit more efficient. They are easier to drive than the 15s so that may be something to think about.

If you like the smoothness of the LSis and want something along those lines you can check out speakers from Dynaudio(which are said to mate great with Simaudio electronics). Another speakers I like a lot are the Gershman Acoustics Avant Garde RX20s.

Through the midrange and highs the LSi9s are pretty hard to beat(and not just for the money), they are smooth and detailed, and the LSi15s are probably identical to the 9s through that range. What you'll gain going from the LSi9s to the 15s will be mostly bass. Not just more bass, but better bass, provided your room can support it. You see the LSi15s are somewhat big speakers(compared to any stand mounted speaker that is) they need some space. They also need a hefty amp(which you have) as they like an amp that can control them(tubes are almost a no no). One thing I like about the 15s is coherence. Its hard to find speakers that are almost full range(the LSis go down to 30Hz) and that have everything integrated in a seamless way like the LSi15s do. Its even harder to find speakers that are that good at that price (you can get them for about $1500...less if you shop aggressively).

Hope this helps;

Have a great day;

gotta say polk by a very wide margin
I am not familiar with the Polks but have had a pair of VR-2's for close to two years and am very satisfied with them. I find their sound to be very clear, dynamic and extended. The bass is huge but well balanced in the context of the speaker. They are very much "alive" but I wouldn't call them forward or in your face.

I replaced a pair of Dynaudio Contours and am much happier with the VR-2's. The Dyn's were quality speakers but too laid back and not as articulate as the VR-2's. They were also shy in the bass.

I listen to alot of rock, reggae and jazz and the VR-2's work well with all of it. They are run by a Plinius 9100 integrated and the match is very good. On the used market, they are a really good deal.
Yeah...I suppose that if you're not a fan of Dynaudio you probably wouldn't be a fan of the Polk LSi line. I'm not trying to equal them here by the way, but they do have in common that people who like more "up front" speakers tend to find them "too laid back".

I suppose is all about taste and priorities...so I'm on the other side of the fence. I like the LSi and Dynaudio sound...and I like Von Shweikert a lot, but I tend to prefer speakers that are a little more laid back...
Hey Ffontan, I think I'm going to move towards the Gallo Nucleus Ref 3's they work better in a smaller room, and I have yet to hear them ( I will audition before I buy) but I've heard they are incredibly smooth, detailed and yet still dynamic at the same time.