Best amp for Polk LSi15

second system on my bedroom, need an amp to match them!

Thank you.
Any amp that is able to drive 4ohm loads and is not overly warm sounding.
I know but I would like to hear names, from people already tried amps on this speakers, pls.
Parasound Halo series is a nice match.
I used a Bel Canto eVo2i with the LSi15s for about 8 months in a bedroom converted to listening room. Never found it lacking in any way. The only problem I would have with it in a bedroom is it is rather large as are the speakers.
I have been using the Lsi15s with a NAD C372 going on three years with no desire to upgrade this combo.

Very balanced sound, resolving and involving in my opinion. This applies to all listening levels.
I enjoyed my LSi15s with a McCormack DNA-1. The bass can sound a little bloated without some good clean power.

back when had them i had a denon amp pushing them , and remeber being pretty happy with the sound.