Krell Resolution 2's VS Polk Audio LSi15

Interested if anybody has compared the two? I Know both use the same tweeter, outside of that I'd only assume the Krell has a much better crossover network and bass drivers. I love the sound of the LSi's I was wondering if the extra $$$$ was worth the jump up to the Krell.
Wondering same myselfthough assume your statement is right.This "non" reponse will allow me to see if anybody can say with some "authority" between two speakers.Have heard Krell and was thinking of it verus B&WNautilus used.If I had the $8K and room I get 803Diamond whose tweter is amaziong.Everything I have read about both speakers speaks of high peformance with bang for buck tilting I guess to Polk.Can't say that about every speaker they make but 15i seems to be a winner though I had nothing to complain about with Krells which I think lend themselves to HT more than the B&W I heard in same room.
I am not sure it's the same tweeter. It may be similar but I would figure that these two manufacturers spec them differently (at the very least).
The Krell Resolution 2 is now $9,500-pair that puts it in a much different price class than the Polks. You could audition the Krells at most Tweeter/Sound Advice stores. Compared to the B&W 803Diamonds the Krells are over priced. Their sound is very similar to Wilson & Revel Speakers. In my opinion, the current top-of-the-line B&W and Focal (JM Lab) Speakers represent the current state-of-the-art in Driver, Cabinet and overall Speaker design. This is where I would consider investing my money. Though the Polks are still amoung the best low-cost (mid-fi) option.
Interesting Jms, I've heard quite the opposite of the Krell's. I heard them briefly at CES this year and have been told by a few folks they're quite a few steps up even from the 802D's. I'm a big fan of what the LSi's can do and I'm also quite happy with my 400xi intergrated, I was curious if the Krell's would be an appropriate setup
I auditioned both but more than six months apart. Both were set up poorly but the Krell had a better front end support. I now own old Polks that I have liked and gave the LS15 a fair hearing but in that setting where they were being compared to Sonus Faber they did not hold their own.
The Krells fit and finish and rubber string grills make for a very wonderful look, better than Polk. The sound seemed a good bit better than the Polks. Given I have been seeing used Res 2 for 4-5K and got a quote of $7,700 new. I would definitely audtion the Krell before making my decisioni if could afford the price jump.
Thanks Gammajo for the response.
My pleasure
After Lush's response, I'm going to take another careful listen to the Krell Resolution 2 next week. The B&W 802D sets the bar awefully high, when I was shopping for a set of Speakers last summer, the B&W/Krell Dealers (4-that carry both lines) that I spoke to, were evenly split between the 803s and the Res. 2, basically stating that it was a matter of personal preference and too close to call. All gave the 803D the edge with the 802D being in another category. When shopping for Speakers at this level ($5K+) price starts becoming much less of a factor than sound, especially with American Speakers (Wilson, Krell, Revel) which are very expenses when compared to their Canadian and European competitors.
From what I heard over on the Polk Audio Forum they will be replacing the Lsi series in 2007 or 2008.
Lush, more in the price range of the Polk's, how about a used pair of Von Schweikert Vr jr's, they have been running about $2,700 used. I heard them recently and liked them better than anything else I heard including Wilson Sophia and the Krell Res 2.
Jms_123 I was just going on what I've heard. I've only heard the Res 2's at CES and briefly, I've never heard the new B&W D series. I do find the vifa ring tweeter intoxicating.

Gammajo - I've heard the VS's are very room dependant and need tons of room to breathe. My approach to speakers will most likely be 1 of 4 options. Dynaudio 1.8 mkII's or the focus series, Polk Audio LSi15's (I'm a fan of the LSi9's but require a much larger scale, tone and depth for my musical tastes) Gallo Nucleus Ref 3's or The Krell's. I've been so happy with my intergrated and such a big fan of the vifa presentation I think I'd consider taking the big plunge even it it meant powering them with an intergrated.

The Gallo's keep climbing higher and higher on my list though. I'm having problems locating many of these speakers. In Canada were both blessed and cursed. Everybody up here was brought up thinking the NRC work with sound was god's work and that all Canadian speakers are the cat's ass. Even Krell dealers rarely bring the speaker lines in because the typical consumer would rather spend the cash on a pair of "good ole' Canadian speakers" be it Reference 3a, Mirage, Energy or Totem. I'm cursed because most of what I enjoy comes from the states, and I could care less where it's made as long as it sounds good.
Not to argue and perhaps my ears are not the best but the Jr's sounded great in two locations that I listened. One was about 10 feet wide by 15 long sheet rocked and the other 9 by 12 by my guess with glass behind them. In both rooms they were placed out about 3-5 feet from the front wall which was the narrow wall. My guess is that they would sound even better with more room until you got to over 6K cubic feet, then they may have trouble filling the space but I have bever heard them in that configuration. My room is 9K cubic feet so I just ordered the bigger brothers the VR4SR - Happy hunting!
Gammajo: Actually, unless you went yet somewhere else to hear the VR-4Jrs., my room is 14.5x24 -- not 10x15. For your ears, room and electronics, you should stick with your Polks.
I gave the Krell Reolution 2s a good long listen to today. These Speakers have a hell-of-a BIG sound and some crazy- bass. The imaging was also very good, with a nice center-phantom image and the L & R images extended well out and around. This Speaker is also very loud, not bright or forward in the midrange, but BIG & LOUD in a kind-of overwhelmingly/brutish sort of way.

I walked away feeling that these Speakers are beter suited for Home Theater. They didn't have anywhere near the finesse, air, accuracy/tonality or detail that the Focal Be or B&W Diamond Speakers do.

The Focal Be & B&W Diamond still seem (to me) to be designed primarily for Stereo-Music listening with Home Theater as an after-thought. Both of these Speaker lines, I find to be very musical and interesting to listen to.
I wish that the Krell would have worked out for me, I was offered a very, very good deal on them.

The Polk LSi 15 are amazing, to say the least. I have listened to the Krell's during a business trip to Toronto. I drove up to Audio Excellence in Richmond Hill. They are a Krell dealer and the nicest guys you can find. Since I am a current owner of the LSi 15 speakers, please understand that my view may be biased here. I could not listen to both speakers side by side of course, but knowing the LSi 15 intimately, I think I was able to get a grasp on the Krells strong points...and weaker points too. Are the Krells better? The short form is: Yes they are. How much better? In my opinion, the Krells have a tighter bottom end and MAYBE a more neutral midrange. In the high frequencies, the differences were minor. What astounded me however was the pinpoint IMAGING and the perception of depth of the Krells, where I am absolutely CONVINCED that the LSI 15'S are CLEARLY BETTER in this regard.

Could this be an artifact of associated equipment or room ? Maybe, but I think these speakers were being fed by very high-quality solid state electronics, and the room set-up was pretty nice also. Much better than in my home. In full disclosure, I use tube amplification, were the Krell demo used solid state. This may in part explain my perceived neutrality of the Krells and the tighter bottom end. And I do know the LSi's are supposed to work best with SS amplification too, but I am a happy camper and will be keeping my tubes.

Are the Krells worth the extra money? In my opinion, not on sonic merits alone. No way. On prestige and looks, for sure if this counts, and I know it does for many audiophiles in this crazy hobby.

The Krells are impressive speakers, but the fact that the LSi 15's come so close says more about the virtues of the Polk's than the Krell's shortcomings, as the Krells are probably worth the money - but if you go for it make sure you don't suffer through a blind test with the LSi's - it will probably be a very humbling experience, something I wish I could do. Somewhat of an indication - most audiophile friends that HAVE listened to them (most have much higher priced speakers systems) were blown away.

If Polk comes out with a revised model in 2007 or 2008, my bet is that they will cash in this time, with prices that will truly reflect this speakers true value at probably 3 times it's current price...making the current version the steal of the century, in my book.

Funny, second time I have left this link in two days, it's an interesting thread, check it out ! Good luck in your search ! Here's the link:
hmmm I know that link, cuz I told you to go ahead with the LSi's in that link, then told you to upgrade your electronics because the Polk's were capable of showing you upgrades further up the chain. How quickly we forget =P
Hey Lush, now I remember, It was you that put me on to them right? My mind was almost made up, but you did convince me to go ahead !
I have had the Response 2 for quite awhile now. I wrote a review here on audigon way back. Never heard the Polk speakers. Regarding home theater, I use mine for 2 channel. They will play loud but are also fantastic at low volume. Everything is system match and set up. With the right front end, I can make Radioshack speakers sound better than alot of high end stuff on a poor quality front end. My Krells continue to amaze me to the point I have stopped looking at anything else having settled on my ultimate system. When I first wrote the reviews, I did it using a Plinius SA250mkiv. I am now using my Cary SLM200 amps. There is an awesome synergy in this combination. My bias leans to tubes and this combination is near perfect. Rest of system is Basis Debut, Vector, Transfig W, Aesthetix Io into the Cary's and Krells.
I am happy I purchased these before the price increase and find them immensely satsifying. Good look when you make up your mind.