Polk Audio Speaker Search

I currently own a pair of vintage Polk Monitor Series speakers and run them on all McIntosh equipment. I bought a pair of McIntosh ML2 speakers to compliment the system and was kind of disappointed in the sound. They had a wide ranging, beefy response, but not that punch and snappy clarity that my Polks bring to the ears and senses. I know that Polk currently makes junk, but wondered if there's a pair that is similar that will fill a bigger room. I'm not specifically looking for another pair of Polks, but something similar to the crisp, thud in your gut feeling I get with my current Monitor Series speakers. I've been looking at the SDA Polk speakers, but don't know anything about them and some people have steered me toward B&W. Any thoughts or advice?
If you like the monitors' crisp sound you probably won't like the SDAs, at least that was my original feeling hearing them on a few occasions years ago, I thought they sounded muddy in comparison. Actually, the new Polks are quite good (at least the LSi 15s I heard, which I thought was better than my recollection of the monitors), so I wouldn't dismioss them as junk.
Don't know if all polk currently made is junk, however I hear the LSi15(think that is the one) floorstanding model that is newer is I believe what you seek from your description, and it seems this model is considered up in the top best of what they have made over the last 30 years and can be had relatively cheap.
The SDA series are much better speakers than your Monitors, especially the last TL versions. Avoid the early versions with the two horizontally mounted tweeters. The SDA TL series are also better than the LSi series.
Used RT20p can be bought for $400 - originally $2000. Basically a 3-wya with a built-in powered sub (2 - 8" with 500 watt amp).