Fidelity Research FR66

What would be a fair price for one of these 12" arms never used, in perfect mint shape, and black to boot
Would that be an FR66FX?
Hard to put a price on this.Say,competitive to other very good older designs.
Unless the buyer "loves" Koetsus...those folks should know "this" arm works great with the heavier stone bodies.I knew some folks who ran Koetsus,and swore by these arms.....Then you can add a few bucks -:)
Happens to be a very nice arm,if in great shape,and I have heard it(back when I had hair).

Good luck.
Dear S4s4s4: The FX is a medium mass design ( not a heavy mass design like the SS ) that could help to match with almost every cartridge.

It is not easy to find it ( the SS version was more popular one. ) and in good shape/operation condition IMHO it will be worth between 1.2K to 1.8K

Kind regards.
You might want to look at under "used" product.

If they have them they usually sell them for far more...actually they sell a Fidelity Research FR-66S for >6000$

Im sure that this will sell soon (somewhere to asia ;))
Topclass has sold quite a few FR66s already at that price so it is not unusual.
The is a big difference between the FX and the S version.
The FX is different and MUCH cheaper, the last one I saw in mint and box was about 1.2k