PMC OB1i feedback

Has anyone listened to the PMC OB1i ? And has anyone compared them to the model below them..the FB1i ?

Are they a good step up from the FB1i ? How do you find the OB1i. Laid back, forward, dynamic etc ?

I listen to rock and blues and want something with some dynamics and a little excitement along with the neutrality and accuracy.
I just switched up to OB1i, from FB1i. Sizeable difference, IMO. Overall sound is better fleshed-out; more weight to the bass. It's a touch rich, but that's why we like PMCs to begin with right?

As always...amp matching is important; but it's worth the money, and is a trade up. Very happy!

Thanks for the feedback.

Do you find the OB1i laid back at all ? Are they open sounding with a nice top end, and would you consider them a good rock/blues speaker ?
I've owned the ob1i and found them to be very open and clean. I would not call them laid back but I would not call them forward either. They are just very well balanced across the entire spectrum. IMO one of the best speakers in their price range. I loved them. And YES, I would say they are perfect for rock and blues, big time! If you get them and don't love them, it's not the speakers, it's the rest of your gear.
Have you ever compared them to the new twenty 24 ?
Yes. The 24s are fantastic speakers but they are slightly more forward sounding. I prefer the ob1i to the 24 especially for rock.
I'm ultimately trying to decide between the FB1i and the OB1i and if it is worth the $2K difference.
I know the OB1i is better....but is it "that" much better ?
I really enjoy my FB1i Signature speakers, but you have to move up to at least the OB1 to get the PMC dome midrange, which is part of pmc's "claim to fame" - but then you have a 3-way crossover. Without the more complex crossover, the FB1i is more sensitive, so all things being equal, you might have to spend more to power ob1's sufficiently for your purposes.