Plinius SA250 or Gamut D200


I'm looking for others opinion on these 2 amps, I have heard the Gamut D200 with the Dynaudio 1.3SE and found it to be very neutral but laking warmth that I'm used to, I'm also thinking of the Plinius SA250 as it is a Class A amp and it gives me the impression that it would have the warmth I'm looking for.

Please tell me what you think both of them?

What Preamp and CD player are being used? These might be affecting your system more than changing amplifiers
Hi Cytocycle,

I currently am using a Audio Aero Prima Dac/Pre with a Conrad Johnson MF2500 powering the Dynaudio 1.3SE and find this setup too laid back and uninvolving now.

I have heard the Gamut with the Gamut Pre-amp and a Meridian CD-Player I enjoyed the setup but it was lacking warmth that I like, though I have no idea how it sounds with the Audio Areo Dac/Pre.

Humm, your current dac and amplifier are on the "warm" side already are you using silver interconnects/wiring (sometimes makes the system etched), otherwise if it is too uninvolving you might have to look at your interconnects or adding a preamp.

The Meridian is about detail and weight, your Audio Aero dac should be warmer than the meridian. I've always liked the 508.24 meridian, but my Gamut CD1R is more musical.

Have you tried moving your speakers farther into the room and tried near field listening? Have you filled your speaker stands and put blue-tack or spikes between the speaker and the stand?
Hi Cytocycle,

I'm using Star Sound Tech Sonoran(Copper) Cables, I cant put the speakers further into the room for various reasons right now its about 3'feet from the back wall and 2'feet from the side wall and my room size is about 12W*24L*8H.

I have'nt filled my speaker stands or installed spikes between the stands and the speakers, the whole presentation of the music is too distant, I'm going to fill the stands with lead-shots and see if makes a difference.

Is there anything else I can do or is it best to change my amp?

You could expect some improvement in clarity by filling the stands, but I agree with your assumption that the CJ 2500 is the problem. I owned one and just couldn't find enough excitement in it. My recommendation is to stick with your plan to replace it. The tweaks that have been suggested are good ones but they won't overcome the problem of a laid back amp.
Hi Skipperrik,

What SS do you recommend a Gamut,Plinius(Class A) or something else I'm looking for balanced sound with a little warmth.

plinius sa102
Now I use gamut d200 mk3 with meridian 508.24 and they sound fenomenal- better than others amplifiers like mccormack dna 1 dlx, AR vt100 mk2 that I use before.
the speakers are SF guarniere and the pre is BAT VK5i .

I could never find a solid state amp that matched the sound of tubes. The CJ was advertised as being close, and it was...just not very lively. In all fairness, it might mate well with the right equipment but the easiest route for me was to go with tubes.

As an alternate, you may want to consider the Butler A100, a hybrid tube/solid state amp. It is rated at 100/200 wpc at 8/4 ohms, and is in absolute control of every speaker I've heard it with. They figured out how to use a 300B tube DC coupled in the output stage with no output transformer. If your budget can handle it, I would definitely go that route. You can read the review at Six Moons or on the Butler site at

Good luck in your search.
Hi Skipperrik,

The butler is a interesting amp I checked the website and mailed them about the pricing, also I wanted to know if it would be able to drive a Dynaudio Confidence C5 which I plan to buy in the near future they are a rather diff load to power.

As a Plinius SA 250 owner, I can give you my opinion of it. I upgraded from the SA 100 MkII to the 250 about a month ago. It is easliy the finest amp I have had and heard to date, and that includes some very good tube amps as well.Here are some of the ways I describe the sound in my system, with my components, in my room:

Power,dynamics, grace, depth front to back, soundstage width, natural tonal balance, smooth mids and highs,transparency, Resolution and detail, Bass is in another league with this amp. Incredible low end has the warmth your looking for as well.

I can unequivically recommend this amp. Good luck with your choice. Happy listening!
I haven't heard of Gamut before but I own the Plinius SA-100MkIII. I believe I have found the amp that I've been looking for for the past 7 years. A very good amp indeed for its price range. I can just imagine how good the SA-250 will be.
Buy the Plinius - Not only will it sound better than the Gamut, the company has a stronger presence and existance in the market - which usually has a direct correlation to quality of customer service.

By the Way - I use a CJ Sonographe 400 with Dynaudio S1.4 with a Supratek Syrah and Jolida CDP, RegaP25 TT, Denon 103. The sonographe400 is a similar amp to yours (might be a little bigger) - I'm actually not quite sure if either are "better" than the other... Neither myself, nor anyone who'se ever heard my system felt it was lacking warmth - warm recordings really come off as warm recordings... Though the Supratek preamp really is something unique...
I have a plinius sa-100iii and like it a lot. Very warm and musical for ss. I understand the sa-250 is not only more powerful, but better sounding. Buy it.
I have owned both amplifiers and they sound very different indeed!

The Plinius has a dark sonic signature - considerably darker than real life, but a powerfull, fullness to its sound. The imaging floats in the middle.

The Gamut has a truer sonic signature, less of a viel between the music and listner, and a bit quicker attack of the music. The bass is fair, but not as powerfull as the plinius. The imaging is awesome - layered and detailed soundstaging - among the best in the world.