Krell KSA250 need services? When?


I noticed that some Krell owners send in their amps to Krell to recap or whatever. How do I know when and what kind of service is necessary? Mine is about 9 years old but may be used about a few hours a week the most on average and everything seems to be fine. Thanks for the advice in advance.
If it seems fine and is only used a few hours a week, it is probably OK.
If, to make you feel better, you can call Steve Leckrone at Krell. His word, would be the final word.

One day in the future you will push the power botton..the blue light will come on: BUT, you will not hear a click! Thats how a lot of Ksa-250's wind up back at Krell. The protection circuitry will be engaged and it will be time to go in for the full treatment (about $400). Mine went in about 1.5 years ago..shipping is about $150 air (one way), thats the killer!! Use Krell's shipper when the time comes, they will give you the number and I think they are called Ocean Air.